Dorda . . . Dorda . . . Dorda . . . Dorda
Friday, May 4, 2007
burghbaby in Dora

Alexis and I ventured to Babies 'R Us earlier today in search of some frilly socks for her to wear for portraits tomorrow. First, let me just say that frilly socks are hard to come by. I must be the only parent in the history of parenthood to not actually like the socks because they are sold out everywhere.

Anyway, I've decided to rename Babies 'R Us. It shall henceforth be referred to as Doras 'R Us. A certain one-year old has decided that Dora the Explorer is her new hero. She was running around the store yelling "Dorda, Dorda" and picking up every flipping Dora thing she could find. She had a sprinkler, a bubble blower, five plates, a cup, a doll, an ice pack, a bath toy, some place mats, a video, and heaven knows what else. And she thought she was keeping it all. Every last thing. And I'm weak, so she did come home with the doll. But for the record, it was only because she signed "baby, please." Really, who can say no to a please? But the real mystery is where this "Dorda" fascination came from. Alexis has a ball pit and place mats with Dora on them. That's it. No videos, no books, nothing else. She really doesn't need anything Dora; she has a real-life Dora twin in daycare with her. Seriously--if you told me Zoe was the inspiration for Dora, I would absolutely believe you.

And now for her latest stunt, Dora's biggest fan will stand on a chair--not once, but twice! I'd be more impressed if she would learn to sit her little fanny in the chair, but I don't think that will be happening any time soon.

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