The Burgh Baby is Born
Wednesday, June 13, 2007
burghbaby in It's Great to be a Burgh Baby

When I did the emergency blog title change, I knew that it was just a temporary name. After all, "It's her world. . ." isn't exactly the most creative of titles. I thought about it, and finally settled on the new name. This one is sticking, so you can officially call Alexis the Burgh Baby.

She is the Burgh Baby for a few simple reasons:
1. She was born in Pittsburgh (duh!).
2. She takes being born in Pittsburgh very seriously. Case in point, her mullet may not be as good as this guy's, but she's definately working on it.
3. She has seen enough Steelers games in her life to have mastered her Bill Cowher impression. Seriously--the chin juts out when she's mad. I'm kind of hoping Mike Tomlin might be able to break her of that little habit.
4. I have heard her say "n'at" more times than I can count. It sort of scares me, actually.

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