Funny Girl
Thursday, June 14, 2007
burghbaby in Premonitions and Paybacks

For as long as Alexis has been going to daycare, I have been hearing from them about how great of a sense of humor she has. When she was six months old, I didn't really know what they meant. But now I get it.

Our little Burgh Baby is a born comedian. She likes nothing better than to make people laugh. She will go to great lengths to get you chuckling. I get tickled, Daddy gets the Daddy song, strangers get kisses blown to them, and everybody gets funny little dances. And let's not forget how she sucks on lemons then makes faces purely so everyone will laugh at her. At minimum, we've got the class clown on our hands. So we could end up with a successful, wealthy, and famous comedian. Or we could get the kid that never moves out because everything is a joke. I'll keep you posted on which way it looks like things are going.

The sunglasses? Yeah, they're purely for yuks, too.

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