What a Girl Wants
Friday, June 15, 2007
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Apparently Alexis woke up with Dora on the brain this morning. I was in her room looking for clean-ish clothes for her to wear today. While I wasn't looking, she pulled a Dora tank top out of her drawer and managed to get her big head stuck in the arm hole while trying to put it on by herself. How? I don't really know, but I guess motivation is quite the impetus. So I used the jaws of life to free her noggin from the steel trap arm hole and she wore her Dora shirt to school today. So what if one arm hole was about ten times bigger then the other?

Then at school, she finally made the connection that I made a long time ago. Zoe looks like Dora. It's the hair. And since Alexis loves Dora, today she decided she loves Zoe. She stalked poor little Zoe endlessly, calling her Dora the whole time (she previously has called her "Zo" like everybody else does). The stalking was so bad that little Zoe started to get freaked out. However, there was a sweet moment when they were all headed outside to play. Alexis was just about out the door when she realized she had forgotten her new best bud. She went running back in and grabbed Zoe's hand. They walked outside hand-in-hand. But of course, no one thought to take a picture. Because, you know, that wouldn't have been cute or anything.

After school, Alexis and I ran some errands. Actually, I ran errands and she screamed at me for two solid hours. Earlier this week she decided to start trying to throw hissy fits daily and see what happens. Today the hissy fits were mostly centered around her mode of transportation. If she was in a cart, she wanted to walk. If she was walking, she wanted carried. If she was getting carried, she wanted to walk and push a cart. At one point she became so angry that I wouldn't let her do what she wanted that she thought it would be a good idea to sit down in the middle of an aisle and scream bloody murder. It nearly got her a one-way bus ticket to a Grandparents house. Lucky for her (or maybe for her Grandparents), Dora appeared and saved the day. Really, a Dora doll fell from a shelf right next to the scene of the crime. Alexis got distracted and forgot to show me how the fit was going to end. Kind of like how HBO forgot to show me how The Sopranos was going to end. Anyway, Alexis hugged that Dora doll for dear life and continued around the store as if she didn't have a care in the world. And, no, I didn't buy her the doll. She put it back when I asked her to because I AM the boss. The boss of a screaming, fit-throwing, mean little one-year old.

Finally, we ended the night with the mishaped Dora tank top being used as a cape. Daddy took it off and put Alexis in her pajamas. She grabbed it out of the laundry pile, wrapped it around her neck, and walked around for half an hour chanting "Dora, Dora, Dora." I have just one thing to say to that . . . at least she wasn't chanting "Barney, Barney, Barney." I still maintain that the purple dinosaur does not exist in Pittsburgh.

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