It's a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood
Monday, July 9, 2007
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I don't know about everyone else, but I had a great day:

1. There was very little traffic this morning.
2. I got a free lunch.
3. During that free lunch, I saw a Furry walking around Downtown Pittsburgh. In fact, I saw this Furry:

4. I learned that the Furries are coming back to Pittsburgh again next year for the big convention. I didn't get to go hunting this year, but you better believe I'm marking my calendar for the next time around. How about the fact that it was around 90 degrees all weekend and yet the group wants to keep coming back to Pittsburgh? Man, if I were wearing a big hot fur suit (which I never, ever, ever would), I would want to be in Alaska or something. Not in Pittsburgh in July.
5. Alexis was in a great mood when I picked her up from school.
6. Alexis' teacher commented that she was talking way more today than she was before vacation.
7. At some point, Alexis learned to recognize the grocery store. She started signing "car" in the parking lot. Usually that means she wants to briefly touch down in one of the car carts. This time it meant "Although I know the fun carts are more difficult for you to maneuver, I would love to hang out in one as you casually peruse all that the grocery store has to offer." We were there over 30 minutes and Alexis didn't fuss one time. Not even when I accidentally rammed the cart into a pole or when I nearly ran over an old lady when I was trying to turn a corner.
8. Alexis stayed in a good mood all evening.
9. She told me all the animal names and signs that she knows again.
10. When I was showing her pictures on the computer (she's a narcissist and loves looking at herself) she knew who Grandpa was when we looked at this picture. She signed and said Grandpa.

11. The blog is finally posting to the url I have been trying to use for WEEKS. GoDaddy support sucks, but a creative and diligent Mommy will always prevail.
12. There were no arguments from the Kinnley Bear regarding bedtime.
13. The slide of wonders continues to provide hours of entertainment and enjoyment. Now the fun even includes Bear.

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