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Tuesday, July 3, 2007
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1. I have to say we are some awesome parents. Our kid won't talk to people that she doesn't know and she won't take food from them either. Her Great Grandpa tried to give her zucchini bread this afternoon and she ran away, directly to her Daddy. She then said, "Daddy, it would be lovely if I could partake in a small morsel of that wonderful looking zucchini bread that you are holding." She took his bread and gobbled it up. Mind you, the fact that she loves to dance on tables and is always pulling her shirt up to flash everybody might also speak volumes for our awesome parenting skills.

2. Alexis touched a fish today. If that fish didn't already have it's life flashing in front of its eyes after getting caught on a hook then being grabbed by Daddy, it certainly did after Alexis groped it with her wiggly, chubby, little fingers. She tried poking it in the eye, jabbing it in the mouth, and attempted to go digging for buried treasure in its gills. Daddy threw the traumatized fish back in the pond. You should be able to spot it if you visit Grandpa's house; it'll be the one that is on the phone with its shrink trying to get help for post-traumatic stress disorder.

3. I opted to forgo a nightly bedtime battle while we are in Indy and have been laying in bed with Alexis until she falls asleep then moving her to the Cage o' Fun. It's kind of like laying with that fish out of water, only she's the thirty pound variety of floppy. When she's working on falling asleep she tries to make sure that she does as much flopping as she can while positioned on top of my head. But just like the fish, eventually the flopping comes to an end. In her case, it's good news.

4. Plastic slides cause a bit of static.

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