A Prediction
Tuesday, July 10, 2018

There was a time in the not-so-distant past when Anthrocon week would have meant a total halt to life. Spending a bunch of evenings hanging out with friends was an absolute priority because ZOMG SO FUN.

Alas, the rest of Pittsburgh figured the same thing out. At this point, I think half the population of the city stands on the corner by the Westin and parties with the furries. Which, that's cool. I'm glad everyone is able to have fun. I ... just need to check out.

There's too many people there now. It's chaos. And not the kind of chaos that I enjoy.

The girls, though. Alexis has been going to Anthrocon for as long as she can remember. You better believe she will insist on going to see her favorite cat and ferret and all sorts of other things. Mila is even more focused on the fun. I managed to get that kid to behave about 246130945130 times simply by reminding her we were going to see the "big animals in Pittsburgh."

And so we went to the fursuit parade. It's an all-out event these days, with over 1900 participants and lots of roads blocked off and, man, it's a LEGIT parade. It's a legit parade which both girls LOVE. Alexis video taped half of it while Mila spent the whole thing being Happy with a Capital H. She gave furries high-fives, she waved, she pointed, she smiled, she laughed, and she even got a stuffed fish as a gift from one of the furries. Considering that she's sleeping with that fish right this second, I think she likes it. A lot.

Mila's favorite part, though, was when she figured out that some of the furries are kids. For some reason, it blew her mind to see someone just a little older than she is donning a fursuit. She was positively gleeful each and every time a little kid walked past.

Which led to Alexis' realization. We were walking around downtown after the parade when Alexis turned and said, "Mila is totally going to be a furry. And I bet she makes me be the one who holds her tail and makes sure she doesn't trip on her own feet."

Sounds about right, Alexis.

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