Monday, August 12, 2019

Y'all, I think they really are going to let this baby into kindergarten.

That just happened, right? She was JUST that tiny, right? RIGHT?


This morning Mila and I piled into the car and headed to the nearest elementary school for kindergarten orientation. I expected them to take one look at the tiny person clasping my hand and tell her to go back to her crib, but noooooo. They let her go on a school bus without me. She took a ride around the neighborhood (NOT WEARING A SEATBELT, MOM), then returned back to the school to make a little craft. She rounded out her time without me by eating a snack, and then she joined me in a classroom.

In that classroom was a tiny desk with a tiny chair and Mila's name was right there, proudly marking the place where she will sit every day starting entirely too soon. I asked Mila how she knew it was her desk and she pointed to the name tag on top and said, "It says so right there. Em-eye-el-ay. Mila."

Huh. I don't think infants can spell their names. That's interesting. Perhaps I have the world's smartest infant?


Or perhaps five years can pass by in a blink and that baby is truly ready for kindergarten. Maybe.

But is kindergarten ready for Mila? WE SHALL SEE.

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