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Can You Hear the Smiles?



Look What You've Done ... AGAIN.

So, hey! Christmas Crazy! You guys did that thing and you did it up big.


Every year I think "we can't possibly pull this off" and every year you prove me wrong.


I love being wrong every year.


This year you managed to come together to provide toys for over 160 kids who receive services from Center for Victims.


For as much as I wish the number of kids in their programs would go down, each year it has increased. And each year you have somehow found a way to make things work out.


Over 160 kids - kids who have seen violence in ways that kids shouldn't - will wake up Christmas morning with a reminder that there is kindness in this world. Whether one of their loved ones has been murdered, domestic violence has crushed their world, or they've witnessed something awful, they will see the Christmas gifts and know there are people they can depend on.


You've done something amazing.


Thank you so very much.


While every single person who helped make this all come together is a star, there are a few stars I want to call out.


Ben. He did it again.



Mountaineer Keystone. The Wexford-based company pulled together to take care of 40 kids, and then they went and topped that by throwing $2000 in gift cards to the pile.

That's a lot of gift cards.

And it was delivered to Center for Victims along with a whole lot of toys.


Three car loads, by the way. It took three entire car loads to get it all there.


So, thank you. Thank you to every single one of you because it takes a lot of helping hands to pull this together. Thanks for the privilege to be a part of this magic, and thanks for getting us to $9,900. It's all of the amazing what you manage to do.


Christmas Crazy 2016. Let's Go!



I didn't forget. I wasn't trying to avoid it. I just ... well ... I'm not really sure what happened to fall. Did we have a fall? I think we went straight from summer to winter and YOU GUYS, IT'S CHRISTMAS CRAZY TIME!

Okay, so maybe it's a few minutes past Christmas Crazy time, but that's not the point. The point is there are a whole lot of kids who depend on the services provided by Center for Victims. That means there are a whole lot of kids who have walked alongside violence in ways that we all wish they hadn't. They are kids who have seen and felt things that nobody should have to see or feel, but most especially a kid.

We can't change what has already happened, but we can make tomorrow better. It's time that we directly improve the lives of some kids and help to make sure that at least a little bit of their Chrismas is brighter.

We're starting with a little help from Bonnie.


Bonnie decided to spread a little sunshine by asking loved ones to give things to Christmas Crazy instead of her for her birthday. Because Bonnie rules. And because Bonnie is sunshine.

It's your turn. Create a little sunshine however you see fit. You can toss some cash in using the image below, or you can shop from the Christmas Crazy Wish List. I'll be adding to the Wish List as time permits. Either way, everything goes to making Christmas a little brighter for some kids who could really use a little sunshine.

Thanks for your help, y'all. This really is my favorite thing we do every year.



(In case you're wondering, we're not done with that little project to update the outdoor space at Center for Victims. Everything has taken longer than I would have liked, which means we missed our goal. We'll be back in the spring, and I'll keep working on getting us help between now and then. We WILL get it done. But, for now, I've hit the pause button on the project.)