Christmas Crazy is Back!
Monday, November 19, 2018

Christmas Crazy is back!

In case you've somehow forgotten, there's this thing we do every year where we make a little magic happen.

Okay, so maybe it's a lot of magic.

Here's the lowdown -- Christmas Crazy has existed for several years now. It's my way of making a little magic with this website for some kids who otherwise wouldn't have magic. They're kids who are receiving services from Center for Victims, a fantastic Pittsburgh non-profit that helps people who are victims of or directly impacted by violence. Some of the kids are children caught in the middle of a domestic violence situation. Some of them have seen things kids should never see. All of them deserve a little magic.

And that's where you come in.

The only way to make this all happen is to get a little help from you. Shop from the wish list. I'll be adding to the wish list several times over the next week, so if nothing tickles your fancy, no worries. I got you. Whether you've got $5 to spend or $500, it all helps.

Christmas Crazy  <------ Wish list link!

Or click on the reindeer to donate a few dollars and I'll do the shopping.

No matter what, every little thing will find its way to a kid in need.

Want to say that you were a part of that giant pile when it gets delivered in a few weeks? ME TOO! Let's do this!


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