Good Night, Mila
Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Mila has 100% decided she is ready to be a big girl who sleeps in her own bed, or at least it sounds like a good idea when it's time to turn in for the night. She still hasn't managed to stay there an entire night, but what would life be without a screaming 5-year old at 2:00 am? More rested, sure, but way less exciting.

(I really REALLY hate the middle-of-the-night screaming. I can't seem to find a way to fix it, though. Alas.)

The best part about this whole "I want my own bed" decision is that Mila super loves going to sleep. She always has. All you have to do is tuck her in, sit down in the chair in her room, and play some lullabies for a few minutes. A few minutes later, she's out.  It's BLISSFUL. So easy. So peaceful. So fantastic.

And then along came Alexis.

Alexis can't let me have my fun, so now she's fighting me for the right to put Mila to bed at night. There's a part of me that realizes that it's super awesome of her to offer, but STEP OFF, KID. THAT'S MOM'S QUIET TIME.

That 10-15 minutes of sitting in the dark in Mila's room while she falls asleep is 10-15 minutes when nobody is talking to me. Absolutely nobody. Sometimes I answer work emails or something like that, but it's on my terms. Basically, it's like locking yourself in a closet, except there's nobody knocking to disturb my joy.


Alexis wants it for the same reasons I do. She's enough of an introvert to enjoy some down time, but SHE HAS A BEDROOM. AND LOTS OF TIME TO SIT QUIETLY. LEAVE MINE ALONE, KID.


This whole thing has escalated to Alexis trying to con Mila into going to bed before I can get a chance to tell Mila it's time for bed. Which, well, Mila could stand to go to bed earlier. This no nap thing is still killing her, so we can definitely move things up. But not to before dinner, ALEXIS.

It's getting nuts. In another few days, Alexis will have backed things up to the point that she's trying to get Mila to go to sleep half an hour after the sun rises in the morning and I'm pretty sure that will break the "good goer to sleep" thing we've got going on.

The war is on. I will win and I will be the one who puts the little one to bed. OR ELSE.



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