I Agree, Mila
Thursday, April 18, 2019

Hello, 80 degrees! I love you! I missed you so much!

We basically spent every possible moment outdoors today, which wasn't really all that much, but I'll take what I can get. Mila played on her swing, both girls made me feel guilty about there still not being a trampoline in our yard, and then we all went for a quick walk because obviously.

We made it about halfway across our yard before it started. The whining. SO MUCH WHINING. Mila is really very good at being a whiny whining whinerton and OMG THAT KID CAN WHINE. "It's too stiiiiinky," she kept complaining.

"What smells icky? Waaaah," she whined.

"Ewwwwww, what smells so bad?" she complained some more.


The real problem was that she was right. The stench hanging in the air smelled a lot like a slimy jock strap dipped in rotten eggs and left under the rug in a men's locker room. IT WAS SO GROSS. Of course the whole thing led to lots of questions and while I knew the answer, the girls didn't believe me.

The Stupid Pear Trees.

I DO NOT UNDERSTAND WHY PEOPLE PLANT THEM. I know, they're pretty when they're blooming. They're so perfectly shaped when they're just leaves. THEY ARE EVIL, TERRIBLE, AWFUL TREES. STAAAAAHP. Between the splitting and the falling and the dying, The Stupid Pear Trees always end dumb. And they stink on their way there.

So much stink.

I explained that it was the trees to the girls about 4135018351 times, but they refused to believe me. Finally, I grabbed a blossom off of a tree and handed it to Mila. She took one sniff, curled up her face in disgust, and declared, "WHY IS THAT REAL?"

Why, indeed.

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