I Found A Way To Get Mila Up Early
Monday, May 6, 2019

I started my weekend entirely too early. I muchly prefer when Saturdays are lazy and rolling, with not much happening until long after the clock reads double digits. Alas, this Saturday Alexis had a cheer competition. She had to be at said competition at YOU HAVE TO BE KIDDING ME o'clock, performed at YEP STILL TOO EARLY o'clock, and then was done in time to get to her usual Saturday morning dance class.

We do stupid things for our kids. Stupid things like sit through a cheer competition and then drive 45 minutes to dance classes. Oh, and we do it all before lunch.

With a preschooler in tow.

To be fair, Mila could have stayed home and slept her way through the cheer competition, but HAHAHAHAHAHA. She doesn't sleep alone. If I'm up, she's up. That's that. I can't stick a toe out from under the blankets without her sensing a disturbance, so of course she was up and running around in time to accompany me to the cheer competition.

It turns out, there was a reason she SUPER wanted to go.

It wasn't because she wanted to watch the cheerleaders. To be fair, she did watch intently for a while, but then she became bored and started acting a fool. She wasn't there because she wanted to act a fool, either.

No, Mila goes to cheer competitions for the vending machines.

For real.

I must have once let her pick a snack because now she thinks it's her duty to return to that EXACT vending machine to collect another snack. She can walk through the giant arena and guide us me to the exact spot that holds her precious snacks, and then dutifully picks out what she wants. It's ... something.

Let's make one thing clear - it takes a lot more than a snack out of a vending machine to make me want to sit through an early cheer thing on a Saturday.


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