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Thursday, August 8, 2019

The girls had their annual check-ups this week, which means I am getting closer and closer to just flat-out missing one of Alexis' appointments. She turned 13 way back in January, but our insurance requires 12 months between exams, so it slips later and later each year. There's also the fact that I can't seem remember that if I call today, they won't have an appointment for at least 6 weeks. I know that, but I don't seem to retain that information and thus call six weeks before I want to try to go. Instead, I call thinking I'll get in within a week or two, and then I learn that I'm smoking crack or something because NOPE.

Anyway. Better late than never? And eventually I'll get to skip a year?

Since this is very much so a mommy blog, it makes sense to go ahead and document the results.

1. Two healthy girls! Yay!

2. Alexis is consistently on-brand with her very average height and weight. It's crazy how she went from BIG GIANT infant to SUPER BIG toddler to ... very average teenager. She's 5' 3" right now, which I'm beginning to think means she isn't going to end up taller than me. Somewhere along the line, some smart person predicted that she would be 5' 8". I'm 5' 7". I think the smart person was wrong and she's going to be lucky if she makes it to 5' 6". We shall see.

3. Mila can only hope she eventually grows to be over 5' tall. The kid is TINY. She was 5th percentile for height and weight, and happens to be exactly on her growth curve. Mila is very consistent in her short and smallness. The smart people who predict things say she is going to end up 5' 2" tall. We shall see ... maybe she'll get lucky and get a major late growth spurt.

4. I still like the part when the pediatrician asks the Big Kid if she smokes, vapes, or drinks and the Big Kid looks at the pediatrician as if she has just said Gilmore Girls is the worst TV show of all time. It's pure disgust and confusion, as if the mere suggestion that Alexis might smoke is the most offensive thing of all time.

5. Mila, though. She heard, "Have you tried vaping?" and was all, "No, but that sounds AWESOME! Can I try?"

For real. That's the words she said. Out loud.


(The answer is "no". Always.)

6. Mila passed her vision test. Right before kindergarten was when Alexis first started to struggle with vision tests. She had glasses before Thanksgiving. Maybe Mila is going to get lucky and not have her eyes go to hell prematurely like the rest of us have? Maybe? Let's hope.

7. Mila is a stunningly good listen when there is a doctor involved and she's hoping she doesn't have to get shots. I might have to figure out a way to incorporate the threat of vaccines into all of our days. It's MAGIC.



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