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On the Fourth Day of Christmas Crazy ...

Yes, I really am going to keep counting days of Christmas Crazy. Counting to 12 is basically where my mental capacity is these days because whoooooosh. Time is flying by way too quickly.

Except for that three minutes this afternoon. It was the longest three minutes in all of the three minutes because I just stood there, frozen in place, afraid to breathe. It happened right after I walked into daycare to pick up Mila. Alexis was with me because she's fancy like that sometimes, so she had run ahead to steal my happy greeting. It's a thing we fight over - Mila gushes over whichever one of us she sees first. I want it to be me. Alexis wants to be the center of the universe.

We're not good at sharing.

So Alexis ran ahead and stole my happy, which was probably for the best because Mila's teacher made eye contact with me.

That's never a good thing.

And then she sloooooooowwwwwwllllly said, "She just threw up." Seriously, it happened in slow motion. Each letter was drawn out into a minute of torture because THAT is one of the worst sentences there is for a daycare teacher to say.

"But she seems fine now," she continued. "No fever or anything and she seemed fine right up until then."

Call me crazy, but I think I would rather have a DEFINITELY sick kid over a ... I dunno. What is that thing that sometimes kids do where they hold you hostage for a day or two because maaaaaaybe they're about to be sick but maaaaaaaaybe they're just breathing?

I don't know what's called, but I live there now. I've been living there since I picked Mila up and stood blankly staring at her teacher because I seriously don't know how to respond to or deal with maaaaaaaybe sick. I decided that the only thing I could reasonably do was pull together a bit more Christmas Crazy wish list fun and YOU GUYS, THE DRAGONS. I went looking for one dragon and fell down a rabbit hole of awesomeness.

I want all of the dragons. For me. I want them for Christmas Crazy too, but I think there should be dragons everywhere for everything. Because dragons.

On the fourth day of Christmas Crazy,

my true love gave to me

lots of animal fiends,

crafts, paper, and pens

STEM toys they'll love

and all the things for baby.

You can help by doing a little shopping on Amazon or  throw a few dollars into the game. Either way, I'll deliver a whole lot of Christmas Magic to Center for Victims.

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