Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Somehow we have managed to go to Cedar Point every September for a bunch of consecutive years. It's purely an accident - summer ends and we all go, "WTH? We didn't get to Cedar Point!" and then somehow squeeze it in right around Labor Day. We are terribly consistent at letting time escape us, I guess.

Each year it's the same story - Mila wants to ride all of the big rides and we laugh because LOLOMG she'll be 30 before she's tall enough to ride anything. The Tiny Human is still very much so tiny, but GUESS WHAT! This year she managed to juuuuuuust squeeze her way to a hair over 41 1/2 inches. It happened, literally, in the past two weeks. While she's still very close, with careful shoe selection, she's getting on a whole slew of new rides because she can pass for 42" tall. Barely. The flip-flops need to stay home, but normal tennis shoes are perfect.

We were properly shoe prepared at Cedar Point.


Mila did not ride a single bigger kid ride. NOT. A. ONE. Part of it was because she didn't want to, which THE HELL?, but also because she got so distracted by other things. She became OBSESSED with the leaf-eating tortoise and spent half the day hanging out in the petting zoo part of the park. She also became OBSESSED with picking out a new sweatshirt because it was a little chilly when we were there. The kid drug me to every store in the entire park trying to pick out the exact right sweatshirt, which was super special since there were only like two versions that came in her size. And then she rode a horse and FORGET IT. The kid didn't ride any rides.

For the record, I asked her if she wanted to 1359081309759813421 times. Possibly more. Each time she was absolutely positive that she wanted to keep doing whatever it was that she was doing.

Guess what she has asked to do 133789173202918305 times since we got back home? OF COURSE. Now that we're three hours away, Mila has a list of rides she needs to go on that's about a mile long. I'm not even sure some of them are real rides. She may have invented a whole new amusement park in her head just for the sake of being sad that she's not there right now.

She's going to make me nuts for the next month asking to go on the rides that I tried to get her to go on, isn't she?



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