She Worries Me Sometimes
Wednesday, September 4, 2019

We're still deeply entrenched in the portion of kindergarten that is all about setting boundaries. Every day Mila comes home with a fresh understanding of a new set of rules, all of which make sense and are probably for the best, but POOR MILA. Boundaries and rules hurt her head. Deep in her soul she feels a new to push against them, so this craziness where everyone tells her to stop is legit throwing her for a loop.

She spends a lot of time telling me about the rules. A LOT.

By the way, Mila does require that she is specifically told that an idea is bad. It's wise of the kindergarten teacher to often give very specific lists of "what to do and what not to do."

The school librarian made a game of "what to do and what not to do" today. It was a solid idea, but Mila was over here figuring out how to ruin it OF COURSE. It would seem that the librarian went through a list of things that you can do with library books, as well as a list of things you aren't supposed to do. Eating snacks while reading a library book is frowned upon, for example. Once the librarian went through her list, she asked the kids to chime in with good and bad ideas. They went all around the room with a variety of thoughts, all the while learning boundaries.

Mila volunteered a bad idea. OF COURSE.

"You can't stab books with a big knife and then feed them to the pigs!" she reported.

She's right, of course, but WHY WAS THAT SO ODDLY SPECIFIC? AND WHERE ARE THESE PIGS? I have to think there's a reason she said you can't fee them to the pigs. WHAT HAS MILA BEEN DOING IN HER ROOM WHEN I'M NOT WATCHING?


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