The Edge of Summer is the Best
Wednesday, May 1, 2019

It took four bites before Mila declared herself done with dinner. It was the "dream" dinner she had been wanting all week, french fries and veggie corn dogs, but FOUR BITES. She instantly turned and blurted, "I'm done eating. Who else is done eating?"

I had told her that she could go play outside just as soon as someone was done with dinner and could go with her.

Did you know that a four-year old staring at you and mentally willing you to eat faster will make you lose your appetite? It's true. I powered through, though. And then I quickly went outside with Mila because I was a little scared of what she would do if I didn't.

The second we were outside, Mila scattered. She played on the swings, she rode her bike, she dug in the dirt ... all of the things. The edge of summer, man. It really is the best. All the while, she was a happy little bumblebee buzzing around even as I pulled weeds in the garden. It didn't matter that I wasn't standing right there with her, up until I started touching up the paint on a fairy garden house. The second I grabbed a paintbrush ::whoosh:: Mila appeared.


"We" finished up the fairy repairs. Just as I was putting everything away, Mila screamed. "BUNNY!" She took off as fast as her little legs would carry her to chase the wild bunny down the driveway. In a feat I hope she doesn't repeat until college, Mila managed to run at top speed AND kick off her shoes along the way. Two bright yellow jelly shoes launched in the air, the grass flew as she shredded her way across the lawn, and birds scattered because HOLY COW, THAT KID CAN MOVE.

She chased that bunny all around our house, through both our front and back yard, and then ran into the woods behind our house. BAREFOOT. I caught up just as she had the bunny cornered in its nest, which, WELP. Inches. Inches are what separated Mila from snuggling her new best friend.

But now Mila knows where it sleeps.

I'm going to end up with a "pet" bunny, aren't I?

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