There Are Fairies Living In The Garden
Sunday, June 5, 2011

One of my 153205325 ongoing projects was FINALLY completed this past weekend.

Alexis' fairy garden.

The idea originated when we were at Disney World two years ago. There is a Tinkerbell-themed garden area that makes an appearance during the Flower Show, and it features tons and tons of fairy houses.

Alexis saw the fairy houses and declared that she wanted one. SO BAD. But, she wanted hers to be pink. Ask and ye shall receive . . . eventually.


I already had the big metal container that the fairy garden lives in. I don't remember where it came from, but it has been a part of my garden since college. (I refuse to do the math and figure out how many years that is. REFUSE.) (GET OFF MY FAIRY LAWN, WHIPPERSNAPPERS.)

The house is just a plain old wood birdhouse I picked up at JoAnn's. I painted it and decorated it using some stuff that I found sitting around the yard (bark for the front door, rocks around the windows) and some stuff that was in my craft box (mirrors for windows and twine for general decor). Alexis helped me glue some pennies to the roof because she said that pennies are lucky and so are fairies. Somehow that justification made sense when she first brought up the idea.

There's a path made out of rocks, tiny little fencing we found at JoAnns, a clothesline for the fairy clothes, a seashell pond, and even a tiny bench holding an even tinier watering can.

It's all stuff that we've found at random places in the past two years. Except the fairy clothes. I made those. Anybody who is a real seamstress best not look closely at them because I made them late on a Saturday night by the light of a flashlight at the order of a Tiny Terrorist. She doesn't know how badly they are made, which is good because she'd probably crack her whip and make me do it again. Of course, sewing fairy clothes on a Saturday night is EXACTLY how I expected to eventually spend my summer nights.

The "grass" is Irish Moss that I found at Lowe's. There's also lobelia, alyssum, and a couple of dwarf trees I found at Bedner's. One of those trees holds Alexis' favorite part--the fairy swing.

Thanks to the wind moving things a bit and a bird dropping a feather by the seashell pond, Alexis is convinced that fairies really have visited her fairy garden. She will tell you that they eat the blueberries and strawberries from the other side of the yard. She'll tell you that only the fairies can open the door to the house. She'll tell you not to touch the tiny rake because it's exactly where the fairies want it.

It's probably best that you play along. Otherwise, she may just stab you with the tiny fairy pitchfork.

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