They're Not All Bad
Wednesday, August 28, 2019

You know those days when everything goes right? I HAD ONE OF THOSE TODAY!

It started very early. At 4:00 in the morning, I crawled into my car on my way to the airport for a quick work trip. I pushed the ignition button and ... my car did that weird clicky thing it does when the battery is dead.

What's that? You are questioning how this fits into a day when everything goes right?


Lead oxide batteries go bad. That's just a fact. (Side note: One hazard of my career choice is that I know a stupid amount about batteries. Engineers feel the need to explain things like battery chemistry to me, even though I tell them I am not paying attention. ANYWAY.) Batteries go bad and what better day for that to happen than a day when I can easily get a Lyft to where I need to go? And! AND! I didn't have any kids with me! Having a dead battery on a day when I wasn't trying to drag kids around makes me hashtag blessed. Seriously, it was the most convenient time for an inconvenient thing to happen. Imagine if I had driven to the airport and found a dead battery after a redeye ... OOF.

So I had a dead battery, but then I made it to the airport with plenty of time to grab breakfast and such. And then! AND THEN! And then I got upgraded to first class on my first flight. Hashtag so blessed. And then it got better because I had a whole row to myself on my second flight. That's magic right there.

The most impressive good luck happened after I arrived in Los Angeles - I made it from the airport to my destination office in less than an hour. That's not a thing that people do in Los Angeles. You can cross the street in an hour, you certainly shouldn't expect to drive over 40 miles. BUT I DID!

I should probably go buy a lottery ticket. It's THAT good of a day.

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