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Three Things

I am slowly figuring out how to pry details about her day out of Mila. She's quick with the, "Nothing," and "I don't know," regardless of the question I ask, so it takes skill to get real answers. Fortunately, I have those skills. Asking questions is sort of my thing, you might say. I prefer when I don't have to lead the witness, but whatever. I'll take what I can get.

"Mila, what are three things you learned at school today?" I asked.

"Ummmmmm ... " It's hard to say "Nothing" when asked that specific of a question, by the way. We can call that a Pro Tip.

"Just three things ... any three things," I encouraged.

"I learned about the library," she replied. And that, kids, is what we call "progress." I couldn't get that much out of her last week.

"Two is that I learned (boy in her class) wears Superman underwears," she continued. I ... well ... I have no comment on that. Sometimes it's best not to ask for more information, y'know? I'm just going to pretend that he volunteered that information for no particular reason and that's that.

"Three is the bad thing. I learned you have to be nice in kindergarten. Like, you have to take turns and share and stuff. It's not fun."

THE BAD THING. She gained intel about a boy's underwear situation and yet thought being nice was the bad thing?

Hold on, kids, kindergarten is going to be a ride.


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