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Winning (or Something)

I'm not saying that I purposefully mess with the littlest arguer in our house, but YOU GUYS. I totally mess with her. My current favorite argument started with her deciding she needed to take a cup of water into the car.

I do mean a cup.

Like, an open cup that will splash around and spill and generally ruin my day.

I let her take the cup because it was just water. Some battles are better waged in a different way. Like, by saying, "Don't spill it!" and "Make sure you have all three hands on your cup!"

Yes. Three. Three hands. I know very well the kid will give me hell about telling her to not spill, but I didn't know what she would do with "three hands."

"I have it!" she yelled out. Then she caught what I said. Her face melted with confusion. Then her brain followed.

"But I have one ... two ... I have two hands on my cup!" she finally proclaimed.

"You better get your third one on there!" I replied.

There is no greater prize in this world than a super confused kid. She's STILL, days later, trying to figure out where her third hand is and debating whether or not she should argue its existence.

Mission accomplished.

October17 006

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I always like telling the kids that if they unscrew their belly buttons their butts would fall off. All five had different reactions. It was great!

November 10, 2017 | Unregistered CommenterMary
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