Worth The Extra Effort
Monday, April 25, 2011

If you dig through my archives, you'll find photo after photo after photo showing Alexis not quite looking at the camera. She was born instinctively knowing to close her eyes just as the shutter released.

Or to look just a little to her left when I clicked the button.

Or to hide behind whatever she had available.

It was her mission to ruin as many photos as possible. Truly, she found joy in evading the camera, which was highly convenient for those of us who are considering having a camera surgically attached to their forehead. Ahem.

But, somewhere along the way she started to figure out that it was kind of fun to see photos of herself. It was even more fun if some of those photos were silly or goofy or crazy.

Her favorites are the ones where it's obvious that she was laughing so hard that she has tears in her eyes.

In between all the silly and goofy and crazy, every once in a while I'll manage to capture The Real Alexis. The good-natured, silly,larger-than-life creature who can make me laugh just by looking at me funny.

And it is those photos in which I get lost.

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