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Great Price on an Entry-Level DSLR

There are approximately 21350923856 posts in my head that belong in this space, and just as soon as I manage to nail down a few minutes, some of them will start to appear. Really high on that list is my annual recommendations for gifts for photography lovers. I have ideas! Lots of them! And I need to write them so that my husband has his shopping list!


In the meantime, I wanted to share a pretty fantastic deal that is going on at Amazon right now. For the past few years, Canon has released a new DSLR in late summer. That means the previous version starts to go on sale. That exact situation has happened again this year with the release of the T4, and now the Canon T3 is at a great price.

The Canon T3 is a really fantastic DSLR. There are better cameras out there, certainly (the T3i shoots faster and the T4 is better in low light, for example), but at $429, I don't know that you can do much better if you are looking for an entry-level DSLR at a great price. Not only is it currently only $429, it also qualifies for some promotions, one of which is 2% back. That means you'd end up with around $80 to spend on later. Maybe you could get a new lens?

Pair the Amazon deals with some Amazon gift cards from Giant Eagle and you've officially found your way to a deal that beats the prices for a lot of point and shoot cameras.

Great camera (it's better than the one I shoot with, actually). Great price. If you're on the fence, now is the time to jump. Prices will climb as the supply diminishes.


October Photography Workshop for Beginners in Pittsburgh

Getting Started with Your DSLR

You spent a lot of money on your camera, now learn what it can do. The purpose of this course is to help you understand the basics of photography so that you can take more control over your own camera. You'll learn about aperture, shutter speed, and ISO and when to change each of them. You'll also learn about white balance, basic composition rules, and have a chance to put your new knowledge to use through hands on activities.

When: October 20th 9:00 am to 1:00 pm

Cost: $75 per person (a $25 non-refundable deposit is due at the time of registration)

Where: Near Robinson Township

Space is limited, so register now!