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Gifts For Photography Lovers: The Under $10 Edition

If I had my way, every gift I get EVER would be photography related. Birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, National Appreciate Michelle Day, all holidays. Photography stuff.

In that vein, I'm planning to post some information about things you can buy me. Er, I mean some things you may want to ask for or things you may want to buy the photography lover in your house. Yes. That. This would be the Stuff Under $10 Edition.

1. Lens Cap Keeper: These silly things only cost about $1 shipped, but they are seriously worth way more than that. One end attaches to a lens cap. The other end wrap around the lens. So, when you take your lens cap off, you just let it dangle and you never lose it. I have one and right now I'm wondering why I don't have one for every single lens I own? Oh, yeah. Because I already lost the lens caps. WHOOPS.

2. In that vein, extra lens caps. Except, I happen to prefer this off-brand one. At under $3, it's less than half as much as the ones with "Nikon" or "Canon" stamped on them. I personally don't care about having the name on a lens cap that I'm probably going to lose because I keep forgetting to buy Lens Cap Keepers, so whatever. Also, this is a Nikon style lens cap, meaning it has a pinchy thing you use to open it (technical term, obviously). I prefer them to Canons, which click on. Check the size to make sure you get the right one since lenses can be different sizes. There are 52mm ones and 58mm ones.

3. 58mm Filter Kit: I already have this kit and it's fantastic. It comes with four close-up lenses that screw on to your existing lens (so check the size to make sure you get the right kit for the lens you plan to use). Each of them offers a different level of magnification, so essentially you're holding a magnifying glass up to your lens before you shoot. It's great for someone who wants to do a little macro photography, but doesn't need the quality that comes from spending several hundred (or even thousand) dollars on a serious macro lens.

4. Filter Kit: There are some people who say that sticking a cheap filter on the front of a good lens doesn't make sense and to that I say BAH HUMBUG. I've tested with and without and the image quality is EXACTLY THE SAME (except that the UV filter does cause some sun glare in certain situations). I keep a UV filter on my lenses all the time because, well, see above. I don't know where my lens caps are. I use it as a bit of protection. The other filters in the kit occasionally come in handy. They aren't things I use daily by any means, but it's nice to have them when I need them.

5. Who says it has to be all DSLR all the time? It doesn't. This little disposable camera is super cheap and waterproof up to a 17 foot depth. It would be a blast to take to the pool or beach and play around with a little underwater photography for a day. Plus, sometimes it's fun to go "old school" with photography and not depend on being able to delete and reshoot.

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I've gotten so used to you giving stuff away I thought this was one of those posts!

November 8, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterLinda

National Appreciate Jenna Day also requires photo gifts.

November 8, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterFireMom
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