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Gifts for Photography Lovers: The Under $75 Edition

'Tis the most wonderful time of the year! It's that time of year when Amazon starts slashing prices so that you'll hurry up and order the most perfect gift ever for that special someone in your life. Below are a few ideas for gifts for photographers, some of which normally sell for significantly more than they currently are on Amazon. Of course, prices are subject to change, but as of right this second, these are all good deals that you can find under $75.

Gorillapod--This fun little tripod comes with bendy legs which allow you to twist and nudge and maneuver it so that you can get your camera exactly where you want it to be. You can hang your camera off a post, level it on uneven ground, or whatever your little heart desires. It's currently selling for $27 on Amazon, which is half of what I normally see it for. (There is a less expensive version for non-DSLR cameras--make sure you get the one you want.)

Bower SFD728C Flash--I've mentioned before that I really like this flash, and I still do. It's currently selling for $60, which is a steal as far as external flashes go. It is more functional than others in its price range because you can swivel the flash around and up and around some more, giving you a lot of control over your light. I consider it the "generic" version of a Canon Speedlite, which sell for hundreds more. It's definitely not built as well as its more expensive counterparts, but if you are an occasional flash user, it's likely good enough to get the job done.

Spare Battery--I should have listed this idea when I posted gifts that are under $10, but better late than never, right? Having a spare camera battery ready at all times comes in extremely handy. I can't even count the number of times I've been out happily clicking the shutter when my battery died. I keep a fully charged spare in my camera bag at all times, though, so it's rarely a real problem.

The link is for a spare battery for a T2i, but if search Amazon for the type of camera you're shopping for, you'll find equivalents. Note that you really don't need the Canon or Nikon brand batteries. They're overpriced. Check the Amazon reviews and you'll see that most people are just fine with the $9 version of what Canon and Nikon sell for $30+.

Eye-Fi 8GB SDHC Memory Card--Memory cards are vital to photography, but this one goes a step beyond "vital." It has a built wireless transmitter and is able to automatically upload your photos to the device of your choice (computer, iPad, whatever). It can also post photos to your favorite online photo-sharing site. It's great for anyone who is bad about clearing off memory cards and even better for anyone who does it frequently because it will save a lot of time. It's currently about $60 on Amazon, down about $20 from its usual price.

Scott Kelby's Digital Photography Boxed Set--Scott Kelby is the Master of the Teaching People Photography Universe, and this is a boxed set of his three most popular books. It's currently listed at just under $43, which is less than I've ever seen it before.


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