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Gifts for Photography Lovers: Under $100 Edition

TICK. TOCK. As of right this moment, Christmas is only 21000 minutes away. If you haven't already finished shopping for things to buy me, here are a few more ideas. I suppose you could give them to anyone who loves photography, but whatever. Sometimes it's all about me.

(Not really.)

(But maybe.)

1. A DIY Lomo camera. I wouldn't expect it to take fantastic photos considering it's only around $15, but I bet it would be a heck of a lot of fun to assemble and play with from time-to-time.

2. A camera ornament for the Christmas tree. This blown glass ornament would be a cute addition to most any Christmas tree. It comes in at around $30.

3. A big camera bag. I have had this bag for about four years now, and I still like it. It's a big bag that will hold a camera, three extra lenses, and all sorts of accessories. That means it's a bear to carry around when it's full, but I kind of expect that when I decide to carry all of my equipment with me.

4. A small camera bag. I don't have this one, but I wish I did. (HINT HINT, PEOPLE!) It's just big enough to carry around a camera with a lens attached and one extra lens, along with the assorted stuff life requires. If I had this, I'd use it in place of a purse.

5. A bag that features cameras. I love the fabric that was used to make this messenger bag. It's the perfect size for hauling around an iPad.

6. Adobe Lightroom. Screw PhotoShop, Lightroom really does have the tools most people need to edit and organize photos. It allows you to correct mistakes that you made when taking the photo, and do some very minor retouching. (PhotoShop is more for changing a photo, rather than editing it. For example, you can't make a trash can disappear from the background of a photo using Lightroom, but you can in PhotoShop.)

7. Camera Level. I can't believe I didn't mention this in my Under $25 list. It's only about $15 and can be a great gift for the photography lovers in your life who view the world with a bit of a tilt. It's very literally a level you can attach to the top of most cameras which will allow you to see if you are level before you shoot.

8. An external hard drive. Photos take up a LOT of space on a computer. They can quickly clog up a hard drive and cause performance problems (I might now this from first-hand knowledge). This is a great price for 1 TB of external storage.

9. Online data backup. It's one thing to save photos to an external hard drive, but it's other level stuff to backup those precious photos to an online data backup service provider. Hard drives go bad, houses burn down ... life happens. If your photos have been backed up online, they're safe no matter what happens. There is a monthly service fee associated with the service and a great gift would be to prepay for it for a year or so. I like Mozy, but there are tons of providers out there.

10. Wacom Capture Pen and Tablet. If your photography lover enjoys doing a little more editing than me, this would be a great gift. This is basically a tablet that lets you edit photos using a pen. For example, instead of trying to drag the lasso tool around with a mouse in PhotoShop, you can use the pen and tablet to draw a line in a much more natural way. It's around $85 and comes with a copy of Photoshop Elements.