Teacher Appreciation Week with Bruegger's Bagels

This post sponsered by Bruegger's Bagels.

I recently found myself in the middle of a "I didn't know that existed growing up" conversation. My list of things that I grew up not knowing about is a very long one.

You guys, I didn't eat my first bagel until I was in college.


I'm not sure why I didn't know bagels are magical things until left to discover them on my own, but there it is. I missed out. But don't worry, I'm quickly making up for lost time.

Onion bagels toasted and topped with butter.

Peanut butter and jelly on a whole wheat bagel.

Cinnamon sugar bagels with strawberry cream cheese.

(Are you hungry yet? BECAUSE I AM.)

And not to be forgotten, Leonardo da Veggie from Bruegger's Bagels. If you've never tried one, you should. Mmmmm ... red peppers and muenster cheese.

I have zero doubt that life is better with bagels in it, so obviously they make for a really good gift idea. Teacher Appreciation Week is here, and delivering a Big Bagel Bundle from Bruegger's is just smart. I mean, think about it. A box of bagels lets you show your appreciation to several teachers without breaking the bank. Plus, it's not the "same old, same old."

In celebration of Teacher Appreciation Week, Bruegger's is letting me give away two $10 gift cards. Leave a comment below telling me your favorite thing at Bruegger's. I'll select two winners at random on May 5th.

Good luck!


Annie Is Just As Good Now As It Was 30 Years Ago

Sponsored by Pittsburgh Cultural Trust.

I didn't go to very many movies as a kid, but the few movies I did see in a theater stuck with me.

Like, REALLY stuck with me.

Summer 1982.  After standing at the window to watch our dinner get made at Happy Joe's Pizza, we walked across to the movie place to see Annie.

I was 8 years old. I related to the lead character in ways that words can't express, and HOOBOY was I jealous of her happy ending. But what really stuck with me was a song.

That is seriously one of the best songs ever written. 

I'm not the only one who found Annie to be an engaging movie worth watching over and over again. That much is evident if you take a look at its staying power. Alexis has seen the movie and LOVED it, nearly 30 years after I first saw it.

(Which, OMG. Where does time go?)

Not only has she seen the movie -- she has also had the pleasure of seeing the Broadway show. We've seen a few different versions of it in the past few years, but the best one is in town now.  Thanks to the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust, we were able to take a girl's night out and see it this week.

It was amazing.

There's something very magical about sharing an experience like that with your daughter. It's like you get to be an 8 year-old again as you see something familiar through new eyes. Alexis and I have been singing Hard Knock Life together ever since.

Tickets are still available that will let you share the magic with your kids.