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About Me

I'm Michelle. I'm a New York-born Pittsburgher who grew up in North Dakota. Along the way, I've meandered my way through Spain, enjoyed a stint working for Mickey Mouse, and married a Hoosier (he has a name, but I prefer to call him Mr. Husband). Finally, in 2000, I found my way to the city that holds my heart.

Most days I can be found marvelling at a big kid named Alexis, trying to wrap my mind around the fantastic that is a Tiny Human named Mila, yelling at a Tibetan Terrier named Penny, ignoring a Havanese named Cody, or pretending to be a grown-up at my full-time corporate-world job. It doesn't leave much time for sleep, but sleep is for the weak. (At least that's what I tell myself.)

I love Christmas decorations, snow, my camera (his name is Mr. Canon and NO you may not lick him), sporks, Gilmore Girls, and tormenting my girls. I'm afraid of Lady Gaga, the room full of boxes we still haven't unpacked from our move in the summer of '09, and forgetting.

I use this space to make sure that I don't forget. Anything. It's all about us.

This photo of me with Alexis is SO old, but I just can't get enough of it!