She's Definitely Not Wrong

Oh, how quickly we change our mind.

Last I checked, Mila thought snow was AWESOME. She spent hours and hours outside playing in the snow last year. She loved to build snowman and make snow angels and throw snow. Do you know how fun it is to throw snow at your big sister? SO FUN. Especially when you smash her in the face with a giant fist full of the frozen stuff.


Today we got our first real snow of the season. It all started later in the day, so Mila had no idea. She had been at preschool. When I picked her up and she saw the parking lot, she was in awe. So excited! Much happy! LOOK! SNOW!

Joy spread across her face, which was good because I was cussing at the snow in my head. A little joy was exactly what I needed.


Mila took two steps outside, giggled at the crunchy sound the snow made under her feet, and then started her descent into the land of People Who Hate Snow. She spent the entire drive home demonstrating that she is one of Those People.

"Why is snow so cold?"

"Why is it still snowing?"

"I like it better when it's really hot outside."

"I wish it were warmer so the snow would melt."

"I wish the sun would come out and kill the snow. I want it killed."

All in favor of the sun killing the snow, say 'Aye!'

AYE. (Until after Thanksgiving. Then I will like the snow, but only until March 1. THOSE ARE THE RULES.)

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Holidays Done Right

I don't have all of our Christmas decorations up, which is a fact that has not escaped Mila's attention. She's really super annoyed by it all because COME ON, MOM. IT'S TIME. She doesn't seem to realize that I would have more time to put things up if she would stop sucking up all of my time in her tiny preschooler vortex of suck. Funny thing, that.

But while Mila has been scolding me non-stop about my lack of Christmas cheer (because, you know, 20 or so trees isn't enough), she seems to be much more open to other peoples' interpretations of the right time for the festivities. She has noticed a few neighbors have Christmas in full bloom, but there are also some houses still rocking the Halloween decor.

Which, I have thoughts about that, but it's their houses, so whatever. If they want to live in October forever, that's cool.

Mila notices it all. And while she's normally very C'MON WITH THE CHRISTMAS, it seems the rules vary depending on the person. While we were on our way to pick up Alexis from a friend's house, Mila mused about the state of said house. "I wonder if they have their Christmas decorations yet?" she asked. She then continued, "It's okay if they don't."

Progress. I call that progress because usually she gets all judgmental and stuff.

"But maybe they still have Halloween decorations," she said. "I guess that would be okay, but only because I really like them."

So there you have it. You can decorate for whatever holidays you want whenever you want, just so long as you're a nice person. MILA HAS DECLARED IT SO.

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Bad Choice, Mom

If you're super incompetent, your kids tend to make up for your shortcoming. I'm super bad at mornings, so both of my kids are pretty darn good at them. Usually.

Alexis continues to be a rock star just like she has been since kindergarten. I can count on one hand the number of times I've ever woken her up. She just magically gets up, feeds herself, and gets dressed every day. She always has. IT IS THE BEST.

Mila is on her way down the same path. Again, this is not a product of good parenting. It's a product of I AM SO BAD AT MORNINGS. The girls have to compensate. So far Mila isn't as good at mornings as Alexis (because early is dumb), but we're figuring out how to make it all work for her. She has to watch TV each morning for half an hour, for example, because she needs that time to be ready to face the day. Once she's had it, though, she's good.

Thus, the expectation is that she will watch an episode of whatever show (currently Muppet Babies is TOTALLY her favorite OMG) and then she will put her clothes on. By herself. She often picks them out the night before, but it doesn't matter because I do if she doesn't. She finds clothes on the table near the television and helps herself out.

Today was one of those days when she picked her outfit. She actually picked it on the way home from hockey the other night. She absolutely wanted her "space shirt" and "pink tutu" which is a legit outfit because it's good to be a four-year old girl these days. She mentioned that was what she wanted to wear probably 23509461235 times, including about 13510923 times this morning when she was memorizing Fozzie's bad jokes. She was absolutely sure that it was the perfect outfit for her day right up until it was time to put it on.

And then she lost her fool mind.

The kid screamed and flailed and threw things, all because she wanted a different shirt. Why would I think she wanted to wear the "space shirt?" Just because she said she did doesn't make it true! GOSH, MOM. BE GONE WITH THAT AWFUL SHIRT, MOM.

Which is all to say, Mila may have some morning skills, but that doesn't mean she plans to use them every day.

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