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Christmas Crazy 6.1

Well, how about this.

I thought the rainbow tree was fantastical, but then y'all went and started filling the space under it. Now THAT is what is fantastical.

In other words, Christmas Crazy is moving along quite nicely. As of right this second, there is $253 in the bucket and 104 items have been purchased from the wish list. That will make for a whole lot of happy kids on Christmas morning.

But I'm greedy.

I want there to be even more happy kids on Christmas morning.

So, get to it, internet. There are now FOUR ways you can join in on the fun.

1. Paypal helps us to fill last minute gaps, pick up gift cards, and purchase clothing for children who need a helping hand. Just click the happy little reindeer to throw your pennies in the bucket.



2. The Amazon Wishlist addresses some requests and makes sure there is a wide variety of toys that match the genders and ages of Center for Victim's children.

3. Stop by Anvil & Anchor. Grab a latte. Toss a toy in the box. Everybody is a winner in this situation.

4. If you're headed to PodCamp Pittsburgh this weekend, take a toy or ten with you. It will wind up at Center for Victims.

Thanks, y'all. So far you've been nothing short of amazing.