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Two Peas in a Pod

April18 029


Wronger Than Wrong

I fully respect that my kids should be individuals separate from me with their own opinions and stuff. See also: the Big Kid will be performing at two dance competitions and a cheer competition next weekend and I haven't whined at all. Yet. I mean, I will end up whining because that's a lot of things that aren't my cup of tea, but it all makes her happy so WHATEVER.

She's allowed to be wrong about glitter and sparkle stuff being fun, just like I'm allowed to be wrong about how very fun creepy dolls can be.

This time, however, my children have taken it too far. THEY THINK GAS STATIONS SERVE REAL FOOD.

It's awful. Somehow, somewhere along the line the two of them have gotten the idea that Sheetz is a legitimate place to go get a meal. They feel the same way about GetGo. THEY ARE WRONG.

Gas stations are for gas. Fast food restaurants are for fast food. Just like I'd rather not get gas from a fast food place, I don't need food from my gas place.

I don't know how to undo this horror, but I'm going to find a way. Because NO. When I say, "Where do you want to stop for dinner?" I do not need the two of them to unanimously vote for a gas station.

April18 020


Bad Choices

I've said a bunch of times that I hope that Mila never gets smarter about which lies she should tell. She's a startlingly convincing liar for a 3-year old, but she chooses to tell her tall tales at times which are ... dumb.

I know I shouldn't use "dumb" in a sentence when talking about my kid, but C'MON.

In the past week, Mila has lied about:

- Being asleep. As in, I told her to go to sleep and she replied, "I am asleep."

- Having her shoes on. She said she did have her shoes on, but I HAVE EYES, MILA.

- Touching the cat. I said not to and yet there was fur stuck to her grubby little hands. I know cat fur is attracted to black pants, but hands? There is effort required there.

- Eating all of the ice cream bars. Again, I HAVE EYES, MILA.

- Putting away her markers. I repeat - I HAVE EYES, MILA.

- Hiding behind the couch. I asked her if she was hiding behind the couch and she yelled, from behind the couch, "NO! I hiding somewhere else!"

- Eating her dinner, even as I stood there watching her feed it to the dogs.

- How many dogs she has. I think I would remember if we acquired a third dog. Also, the answer is NO. HECK NO. FORGET IT. NOPE.

Two is plenty. It's more than plenty, even.

- Eating the chocolate-covered raisins. She blamed the dog for the disappearance of the raisins, but her dirty little hands told a clear story.

It's all pointless and silly, which I think is her goal. Mila lives to make people laugh and if she can't, she's willing to settle for laughing AT you instead. So, basically, I think she's a terrible liar, but she's doing it on purpose to be funny.

I'm in so much trouble.

April18 041