I Feel Like Someone Is Staring At Me



A Reminder About Christmas Crazy in July

As of this very moment, there are enough school supplies piled on my dining room table to take care of about 35 kids.

That's pretty fantastic.

But I want to take care of more kids. Center for Victims does some amazing things for a lot of kids each year. All of those kids deserve to wake up on the first day of school, grab a brand new backpack filled with the crucial items, and continue on with their lives. They've had enough bad days. It's time for some good days.

Just to remind you of what it is that Center for Victims does, they are more than a domestic violence shelter. They support people who have been affected by crime. Sometimes that crime is domestic violence, but it can also be sexual assault, elder abuse, child abuse, physical assaults, or homicide. The kids that Center for Victims supports are kids who have seen or experienced unthinkable things.

Does it take more than a notebook and backpack to change a kid's life? Probably. But a few school supplies is certainly a good start. It's something that most kids take for granted, but these kids don't.
These kids are at a place in their lives where they can't take anything for granted.

Let's fix something for them. It's something little, but it's something we can do.

The wishlist is up on Amazon. I will be delivering everything to Center for Victims around August 15th, so let's wrap this thing up quickly.

(If you would rather throw some money in the ring, leave a comment. If there are enough people, I'll make that magic available.)

(Thanks to everyone who has already helped. You are amazing.)


We Were So Close to Ruining Her Life

Alexis started with the harassment super early in life.

"I want a brother or sister."

"When can I have a brother or sister?"

"I neeeeeeeed a brother."

"My life is a complete disaster because you have not delivered on that sister I requested several years ago."

She may not have exactly said all of those things, but she came real close.

It's going to be a few years before I tell Alexis about how those constant questions and demands cut straight to the core. Right now she doesn't need to know that she was stabbing at a sore spot. All that matters is that she swore she wasn't meant to be an only child.

She was correct, of course. She definitely wasn't mean to be an only child.

I mean, seriously.


Every day I'm thankful that Alexis continuously proves that she's better as part of a set.