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And then there was Bahrain



Another Day, Another Airport



Oh. Hey. I'm Not in Pittsburgh.

I distinctly remember a conversation about a year ago when I yelled, "NOT IT!" and totally meant it. My work team was talking through the next year's worth of travel and who would go where. I was completely happy to volunteer for all sorts of things, but the Middle East? NOT IT.

That worked out well.


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There are a whole bunch of reasons I ended up drawing the straw I didn't particularly want to draw, but whatever. It's fine. It just wasn't a region that was on my bucket list, you know?

That said, whenever I don't want to do something but then make up my mind to do it anyway, I have a tendency to do it extra. This time is no exception. I've already spent a day in Qatar, now I'm in Oman, and I have Bahrain on my list before I head to Europe for a few days. GO BIG AND THEN GO HOME.

I didn't bring my camera because I didn't want more stuff to carry through eight or so different airports, so I'm posting cell phone pics over on Instagram. Look or don't. Whatever. There's not all that much because work takes priority over fun and I have, so far, only seen exactly one woman walking around outside. SO! Not doing that unless I'm with the rest of my crew.


More to come ...