Out of the Mouth of Babes. Again.

While it's no surprise that Alexis LOVES Chicago, so does Mila. Alexis generally loves big cities and diversity and all of the things, so she'll spend all day every day in an urban area. I swear the kid is going to end up being a no-car having, tiny apartment-dwelling, cat lady. And now it's beginning to look like Mila might be sharing that giant rent check and litter box cleaning with her sister.

I know this because I had the audacity to leave downtown Chicago today and take the girls to the zoo. Chicago's zoo is relatively urban, but you wouldn't know it while you are there. While both girls had a ton of fun at the zoo, Mila kept asking to go back to "the big Chicago." She calls it that, by the way. It's not "Chicago." It's "the big Chicago." As in, "Are we driving to the big Chicago?" and "Can we go back to the big Chicago?" over and over and over and over and OMG, CHILD.

Mila definitely asked if we were going back one time too many. It was right around the time she was failing to notice a giant bear standing two feet from her, which was convenient because when that kid asks the same question too many times, I turn into a bear. She was surrounded! I'm more vicious, though.

And, thus, I growled and said something about "Stop asking me to go to the big Chicago or I'm going to rip your face off." I don't think I said exactly that, but it's what I meant.

Mila paused, sighed, and then rolled her eyes at me.






Don't tell me teens are hard because I have a 4-year old that rolls her eyes at me when she thinks I'm being dumb. I mean, Alexis does it too but not nearly as expertly.


Once the Tiny Human was done showing me just how advanced at attitudedness she is, she continued, "Mom, I think you need some coffee. You're really grumpy."

And that is the short story of why I'm buying stock in duct tape. At the rate we're going, I'm going to be needing a lot of it to keep Mila's mouth in check.

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Bucket List Item - Check

I have learned two things in the past 24 hours:

1. I'm TOO good at surprises. My children now expect them and are crazy good at guessing them at the first sign of shenanigans.

2. Hamilton with someone who has listened to the soundtrack 2348710498109 times is AN EXPERIENCE.

These things are related, of course.

Alexis is a massive Hamilton fan. Of course. It's a whole lot of history, even more singing and dancing, and basically Lin Manual Miranda is her soul mate. Everything he does makes Alexis extremely happy. So of course I had to try to get Hamilton tickets while we were in Chicago. It turned out to be remarkably easy, and actually less expensive than it will be when it tours Pittsburgh. I'm not entirely sure why, but I'll take it. Thus, we drove 7 hours to Chicago and promptly got fancy to go to a show.

Alexis KNEW the second we walked out of the hotel. I don't know how. She claims it wasn't because of the fancy matching dresses I had for her and Mila. I make them wear random stuff all the time, so it's not a reliable tell. But by the time we turned the corner to the theater, Alexis knew exactly what was up.

I'm going to have to level up my shenanigan-making. CHALLENGE ACCEPTED.

The show, of course, was fantastic and magical and perfect and actually better than I expected. Which, I had HIGH expectations. So. It was also funnier than I expected. The impressive part is that I know that despite the woman on my left who was having the time of her life (so much dancing in her seat - it was fantastic, but a little distracting), the tween on my right who SANG EVERY SINGLE LYRIC OMG, and the small child in my lap who flipped back and forth between enthralled and CAN WE GO TO THE HOTEL NOW?

Mila loves hotelS. Her asking to leave 25 times had nothing to do with the show, which she loved, it was that HOTEL, MOM. LET'S GO TO THE HOTEL.

There was a lot happening, is what I'm saying. With the two superfans on either side of me, it ended up having an almost Rocky Horror Picture Show vibe to it. It was very interactive and lively and ... happy.

I really like being surrounded by people who are living their best life. It's pretty much the greatest.

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Why Have Kids If You Don't Make Them Twin Sometimes?

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