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Cute for a Reason, Again

While Mila is definitely in a difficult phase, she's simultaneously in an AWESOME phase. It's funny how that happens. It's almost like it's a built-in defense mechanism that keeps them alive. Ahem.

First, the difficult. I'm mentioning it only because, after 10 years of blogging, I know how this works; If I tell the internet Mila sucks at sleeping, we'll have a good night. It has worked that way with both girls and I can't think of a single time it hasn't. So, Mila is still sucking at sleeping. It's a combination of "my teeth hurt" which I can't figure out (early molars? maybe? there's definitely big bumps in there) and nightmares. She doesn't have words to describe what's scaring her awake several times each night, but there it is. It's happening several times every night and THIS IS WHY I END UP GIVING STARBUCKS TOO MUCH MONEY OMG.

(Please let the jinx work tonight. Pleeeeeeeease.)

(We had a really long conversation about what kinds of candy you can buy at the candy store in the mall starting around 2:00 am last night and have I mentioned that I don't like kids at 2:00 am? Like, that's when I'm at my worst. I have zero parenting skills in the middle of the night. TONIGHT NEEDS TO BE BETTER.)

But, even as this kid is a mess at night, she's so damn cute during the day that it actually hurts. She has caught on to the game that Alexis and I play where one of us says "I love you" then the other says "I love you more" then the first one retorts with "I LOVE YOU THE MOST I WIN." I mean, the "I win" is sort of implied, but it's definitely a part of the game.

Mila goes straight to winning. She is now saying, "I love you the most!" at least 200 times per day. It's part of every conversation she has and it is SO the best. Much bestness.

And that's the short explanation of why Mila is still alive despite not letting me get more than 2 consecutive hours of sleep lately. FUNNY HOW THAT WORKS.

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