She Has Very Important Fairy Things To Do



I Can Play That Game, Too

I blinked (for like four days, but whatever) and suddenly Facebook is an endless supply of people listing bands they've seen. For the record, I am not complaining about this fact. I think most everyone is experiencing a bit of politics fatigue, except for the people who are eerily silent about all things politics. Those people are a whole other situation, really. Like, do they know that their silence about the really bad stuff is essentially permission to keep it going? If you haven't called your representatives to demand pre-existing conditions clauses stay in place, for example, you're saying you're totally cool with having a pre-existing condition be reason enough for a person to not get insurance. Really. Your silence is permission. (For what it's worth, complaining on social media isn't really "speaking up" at this point either. Gotta call those reps ...)

ANYWAY. That wasn't my point. My point is that all of these people listing bands is an interesting diversion. People can and should post whatever they want on social media, just like I can and should avoid Facebook until the madness ends because the whole thing makes my head hurt. It's not that I dislike the part where they list bands, though. It's the part where we're supposed to guess that one is a lie. For some reason that part annoys me. I can't explain it. It just is.

Thus, Imma gonna break all the rules and do my own thing here! Because I can.

Soooo ... here is a list (Of however many I end up with. So there.) of bands I've seen. Some of them are confusing, others embarrassing. All of them are true.

  • Henry Lee Summer - In my defense, I won tickets from a radio contest.
  • Nelson - Yes, that Nelson. I have no defense here. I think I paid real money to go. (I don't think it was much since the concert was at the North Dakota State Fair.)
  • The Escape Club - Just shoosh. That's about as good as it gets when your grow up in North Dakota.
  • New Kids on the Block - I might have travelled six hours to Minneapolis for this one. I also drove right back home afterwards because I wasn't old enough to get a hotel room.
  • Tommy Page - Technically he opened for NKOTB, but I was there to see him about as much as I was there to see them.
  • Depeche Mode - I moved to Ohio. Concerts became more about what I wanted to go to and less about what happened to be in town.
  • Nine Inch Nails - This was in the Pretty Hate Machine Days, long before everybody else decided NIN was all that and then some.
  • Sheep on Drugs - Don't ask.
  • Imagination Movers - Oh, how the mighty fell.
  • Big Time Rush - And fell.
  • Taylor Swift - All the way to rock bottom.
  • Matchbox 20 - If they're ever in town again, go. It's a good show.
  • Train - Don't bother to judge this one because they were good.
  • New Kids on the Block - Uh, multiple times. Just shoosh.
  • Maroon 5 - Are any of my cool points returning? No?
  • Ed Sheeran - That HAS to be worth a few cool points.
  • And a whole bunch of other bands that are escaping me at the moment.

If I have to pick one that I probably shouldn't admit to anyone, it's Nelson. There's really no good explanation for that hot mess. We all have concert regrets, I'm sure.


New Tricks

It took me a minute or two to catch on, but at this time I've figured out that I should always assume that the girls are opposites in every way. If Alexis liked it, Mila hates it. If Alexis did it early, Mila is neeeeeevvvver going to even try it.

They're two peas in a pod; they just don't sit in the same pod.

I have endless examples of ways they are different. And that is why I didn't think to try a little trick on Mila that always worked on Alexis.


When Alexis was little, the trick to getting her to play along for photos was to ask her to show me what different emotions look like. "Show me your grumpy face" and "Show me your surprised face" and "Show me your happy face." All of the variations worked.

I'll be damned if I didn't accidentally find out that it works on Mila, too.


More surprising, while Alexis was more like four years old when I started the trick with her, Mila plays it well NOW. And she's weirdly emotionally intelligent. Like, she was nailing every emotion and throwing in some sound effects and everything. (There will be video, I'm sure. It'll wind up on Instagram once I get it.) WHO KNEW? I thought Mila had two speeds - happy and angry. I legit had no idea that she had any awareness that there are other things in life. She certainly doesn't live any other emotions.


Here's her happy face. It's different than her "super happy" face, but they're both pretty much perfect.