So Different

So, this is fun.


That's Alexis waaaay back in 2011 on her first day of kindergarten. In every way, her first day was different than Mila's.


From the uniform to the well-written sign, Alexis was all sorts of put together. Mila is a lot more of a free spirit. She picked her outfit (Alexis went to a different school in kindergarten and had to wear a uniform). Mila decided she wasn't going to write out her entire sign. She has minions, you know. She also super needed to draw a very detailed picture of her teacher. It's hard to see in the photo, but there's a flowery belt and high heels happening, which is hilarious because her teacher is close to retirement and definitely not wearing high heels every day. Or ever. And does anyone wear a belt with flowers all over it? I HOPE NOT.

The other SUPER big difference took a total of two days to become obvious. One kid comes home from school and has to replay every second of her entire day. The other one responds, "I don't remember," when you ask her how her day was. One kid tells me about EVERY SINGLE conversation she had. The other one doesn't know if she talked to anyone that day. Mila won't even tell me if she had lunch, but Alexis is over there replaying exactly how many grapes she ate.

I can't wait until Mila ends up with a teacher that Alexis had. It's going to be super fun watching someone else figure out that one of these things is nothing like the other.


Eighth Graders and Kindergarteners OMG

I don't know which of these things is worse.


In one corner, we have the infant headed off to kindergarten.


And then there's THAT nonsense.


They are, though.

Both girls headed off to school today. Both were really excited to get on their bus and head off into the big world without a parent. They were so excited, in fact, that they were ready to go a full half hour before necessary. For Mila in particular, that is nothing short of a miracle. I expect this "so excited she wakes up" thing to last about a week. She will return to having to be drug out of bed in no time, right?


Alexis' first day of kindergarten (YEARS ago, OMG) was wrought with stress. Her bus didn't show up, causing SO much anxiety, and then Alexis stayed true to brand and was terrified of being somewhere without me. Eventually she learned to deal, but the first day was ROUGH.

Mila, true to brand, was all like, "I'm leaving. Get out of my way." She climbed aboard that bus as if she was a seasoned Middle schooler and didn't really think there was anything worth stressing about. She stayed cool and confident all day, right up until it was time to get off the bus.

Mila's best friend lives in our neighborhood. She's further down the hill than us, but it's not THAT far. That means the girls ride the bus together, but Mila gets off one stop before her friend.


Mila absolutely positively refused to get off of the bus after school today. She wanted to hang out with her best friend and that was it. No discussion necessary because she had decided. Alexis had to actually get on the bus and drag Mila out kicking and screaming, which ranks real high up there when you're trying to figure out what memories you'll carry with you forever. That might just turn out to be one of those memories that we tell a future spouse, just so we know s/he has some concept of what s/he has agreed to.

Mila does what Mila wants to do.

And she will destroy everything to make sure it happens.