Mila's Stylin'

A few weekends ago, I made the girls a deal. I promised that I would buy a new car for whoever slept  the longest.

Mila won.

Considering Alexis can't fit into THAT car, it's too bad she didn't make up her mind to see what I would have purchased for her. It might have been her only chance to get me to buy her a set of wheels.


As it is, Mila is really very happy with her prize. The car immediately replaced the stroller as my preferred way of taking the Tiny Human everywhere. It replaced the stroller because YOU GUYS, SHE WILL SIT IN IT. FOR SEVERAL MINUTES. WITHOUT SCREAMING OR FLAILING OR CALLING THE MEAN MOM POLICE.

It's amazing.

Mila is so smitten with her car, in fact, that you can set it in the middle of the yard and go run a marathon. When you return, she will still be standing by her car. She will either be climbing in and out of it over and over again or she will be trying her hardest to fasten the seatbelt. It might be a problem, actually, because she won't be any help when you're half dead from running that marathon and need some water and slapped for doing something silly like running when there wasn't a bear chasing you.

So basically I bought my toddler a car and then discovered it could be used as a babysitter.


(I bought it on Amazon. It's this one, but click the link for the used ones because there are a whole bunch of new ones that are in damaged boxes which are $20 off. Also, toy manufacturers can quit with the boy version and the girl version of toys like that. Red cars, FTW.)


A Thank You

Hey, remember how I passed on a request for help with diapers from Center for Victims?


Math and I aren't the best of friends, but if I count up the Amazon orders I can see and the pictures that people sent me, I come up with a number. I come up with just over 3500 diapers. I also count somewhere around 10 cases of wipes.

That's not all of it. There's a lot that I know has or will be delivered but that I can't see to quantify.

So, while it's a little early to stand up and say that you managed to make a difference to the tune of (insert specific number), I think it's safe to say you are doing an amazing job. Thanks to everyone who has or will drop diapers or wipes off in person, thanks to everyone who sent or will send diapers or wipes, and thanks to everyone who tweeted/Facebooked/emailed/whatevered to help spread the word.

Also, considering some of the things that happened today on social media, thanks for being a force that served to prove that while there are downsides to being SO connected, the upsides are pretty amazing.

You can still help Center for Victims gather diapers and wipes for their shelter. There are details over here.

In completely not related news, there's this.


That's how Mila walks and runs. With her hands up in the air. Like a criminal.

Since you've proven that the internet is an all powerful force, could you work together to make sure that the child continues to run with her hands up for a few more weeks? Because it's basically my favorite and I'd like to enjoy it for a few more minutes.

Thanks, y'all.