Extra Cheese, Please

June18 026


Best. Day. Ever.

June18 041


Liar Liar Pants on Fire

We had a long list of things we had to do this evening, so it turned into a "grab Sonic" sort of dinner. I realize we rely on fast food entirely too much, but to be fair, it's balanced with foods that are waaaaay on the other side of the spectrum, so COME AT ME, BRO. You can judge me and my kids for our grilled cheese and tater tots meal right after you show me your kid happily eating vegetable paella like mine do. Which is to say, meh, kids eat what they eat and we should all stop caring about what other people's kids eat.


So, it was a super busy night so I grabbed grilled cheese and tater tots for the girls. They were both really very happy with this development, right up until Mila opened her bag and saw her "patater tots."

"I don't like patater tots!" she wailed. "I want french fries!"

You guys. YOU GUYS. If that whiny sentence doesn't perfectly sum up life with a preschooler, I don't know what does. They tell the dumbest lies. The kid likes tater tots just fine and always has. Anything potato is a win; fried potatoes are how you become Mila's best friend.

Thus, I replied, "Yes, you do."

"No, I don't!" she sobbed. She then continued on to thoroughly lecture me about all the ways she hates "patater tots." I think she may have ended with some cussing and name-calling, but I can't be sure because the whining makes me want to jump out a window. I had stopped listening.

We argued a little, me not hearing what she said and her not caring what I said, until finally I declared the battle over. "Take one bite and you can be done with the tater tots," I said. We're pretty firm about the "try it" rule around here. Both girls are expected to take one bite of everything I serve. If they genuinely don't like it, fine, but they have to try it every time I serve it.

Mila took a bit. A teeny, tiny bite.

"I LOVE PATATER TOTS!" she bubbled before popping three in her mouth.

"I thought you said you didn't like them?" I said.

"No, I did not!" she mumbled with her mouth full of fried potato goodness.

Preschoolers lie about the dumbest things.

June18 020