From Blah to Yeah in Just Three Hours (OMG)


Saturday Afternoon Awesome (Again)

There is a 100% chance that if this moment had taken place three years in the past, it would have ended very, very, very, VERY badly.


That kid. That kid used to be petrified of large, furry things. PETRIFIED.


That is the kid who once spent half of a Penguins game trying to crawl her way back into the womb because Iceburgh looked at her. He was three sections away, but he locked eyes with little Alexis. It sent her into a sobbing tizzy because SOOOO SCARED OMG.


(There is a reason for her fear of mascot-type-things. It's the Pirates Pirate and he scarred her for life years ago.)


And yet, now that kid is CLEARLY not scared of anything. In fact, THAT kid stood at the Anthrocon parade and complained. She complained and complained and complained because watching furries march from afar was not as fun as getting to meet them just outside the convention. Alexis wanted to hang out at the Westin so she could meet every possible furry.


So we did that.


That kid stood on a street corner near Anthrocon and stopped every furry that walked by so she could get a photo. As in, she walked up to strangers and politely asked if she could get a picture.


I do not understand this thing where a kid completely overcomes a fear. It's weird.


It's wonderful, but it's weird.


Much thanks to all of the furries who were kind enough to stop and let Alexis get a photo with them.


Although, it is your fault that she had SO much fun that she begged to return downtown later that evening. It turned out to be a mistake to return later because that kid was EXHAUSTED. She had woken up at 5:00 that day, so by 9:00 pm, she was toast.


Which means I didn't get a good photo of about 50 furries that I really wanted.

Next year. Next year the kid that used to hate mascots will cooperate fully so I can get photos of even more awesome.


Christmas Crazy in July. Again.

Alexis has recently developed an aversion to Target. There was a time when she would happily go there at any time of any day, but right now? Good luck dragging her inside.

It's the school supplies. She's mad that the school supplies are already out.

There's a part of me that completely agrees with her. It's too early to even think about back to school. There's also a part of me that keeps seeing the advertisements for Amazon's Prime Day. That part of me is all "What if?" What if school supplies are discounted enough to make them worth looking at? What if we might be able to knock out the Christmas Crazy back to school list for Center for Victims a little early thanks to the joy that is Amazon?

What if, indeed.

Just in case, the list is now available. All items purchased from the list will be delivered to Center for Victims and distributed to kids who could use a little help finding normalcy when school starts. They are kids who have been caught in the crossfire of violent crimes. In some cases, it's the kids themselves who have been hurt.

Regardless, they're kids who deserve to start school with all of the things they need to learn.

While you're checking out the list, give Amazon a gander and see if you see anything worth your time. Of note, the big sale that is happening on July 15th is for Prime members only. If you aren't a Prime member, I question your sanity.


We use the heck out of Prime. It's really super delightful to have items show up at your doorstep two days after you purchase them online. It's also super delightful to take advantage of some of the other Prime features. We use Prime for streaming video ALL THE TIME. (We don't have Netflix and use Prime Video instead.) Half of the music on my phone is from the Prime Music Library.

And Subscribe and Save. I get all sorts of hot and bothered when I think about Subscribe and Save. I currently use it for diapers (we pay $25 per month TOTAL for diapers), wipes, oatmeal, peanut butter, coffee, toilet paper, dishwasher detergent, stain remover, and a whole bunch of other things. Prices end up lower than any of the big box or club stores (there's are additional discounts for having a handful of items in your subscription order). Also, I don't have to leave the house. Do you know how nice it is not having to remember to buy diapers? They just show up. LIKE MAGIC.

And now it's up to you to make some magic. Let's get some school supplies pulled together for Center for Victims, shall we?

Back to School List

You're the best.

(There are affiliate links all through this post. Any pennies made if you use those links will be used to buy more school supplies for Center for Victims.)