::Happy Sigh::

May18 188


I Really Just Want to Sleep

We're something like four days into summer vacation and I'm already failing. So far I've made the girls get up extra early every day. Forget sleeping in; I'm in a go-to-work-early phase. I have a mission to take advantage of summer hours and get out early on Fridays (I can hear you laughing, people who know how this will actually go. SHHHHHOOOOOOSH. I'm trying!). The only way to get out early on Fridays is to get more done earlier in the week, so let's just show up two hours earlier than I normally do.

Mila is hating every second of it, by the way. The kid hates mornings even more than I hate mornings and that's the kind of hatred that could be used to fuel a planet for a decade or two. If she ever figures out how to harness her hatred for mornings, we will be able to end our dependence on fossil fuels once and for all.

Of course, all this getting up early is leading to wanting to go to bed early, so HAAA! So much for summer fun! We're in the midst of that short break between all of the things (no dance, no school, only a little bit of cheer ... IT'S SO BEAUTIFUL) and I have successfully managed to fill our free time with getting up early and going to bed early. Like a responsible adult or something equally dumb.

If I thought Mila was mad about the whole thing, then I don't know what to call Alexis' opinion of it. To be fair, she has cheer practice two days per week at OH HELL NO o'Clock, so part of it is her fault. No matter, though, because she's walking around grumbling nonstop about having to go to bed and getting up and EARLY. EARLY is a cuss word in her vocabulary now.

And then came this evening.

There is construction on the road leading to our house. It's SUPER frustrating, to be sure, because we're down to one lane and it takes 30 minutes to get one mile depending on what's going on. I'm fairly good at avoiding the worst of it, but sometimes we have no choice but to get in line and wait our turn.

So, uh, basically I'm saying SORRY! It wasn't me that stuck her head out of the car window and yelled, "DON'T YOU KNOW I HAVE TO GO TO BED SOON?" at 6:00, but I do understand why she was so cranky about the long delay.

May18 092


Easily Amused

I don't know why exactly, but I can bribe my girls into ANYTHING by offering them a trip downtown. They will clean their rooms, put their clothes away, and basically do all of my bidding for hours on end. I just have to drive into Pittsburgh and let them out of the car. There doesn't have to be any big event or anything; they just want to exist amongst the tall buildings.

Add an event, and we're REALLY golden.

Thus, I used the Arts Festival against them all last week. Day after day was filled with productive positivity as they did whatever I asked because I told them I would let them walk around Pittsburgh for a while. It was SO fun. For me. And they survived the torture that was cleaning up after themselves for days on end.

When it came time to reward them for their efforts, we made our way downtown. Mila decided along the way that there would be milkshakes involved, which is playing dirty, frankly. I am in a Milkshake Club, after all. Of course I want milkshake, but not when there's funnel cake to be found. That whole thing ended badly for Mila because I'm mean and selfish (FUNNEL CAKE, Y'ALL), but she forgot all about it once she was people watching and looking for dogs and checking out all of the cool things at the Arts Festival. (I should probably apologize to all the people who are now suffering from hearing loss because of the "LOOOOK! DOOOGGY!" screeching that kept happening. Sorry!)

Alexis is old enough to geniunely appreciate the art, so she had fun as well. And then the girls complained they were hot ...

May18 089

There's exactly one way to fix that. And HOOBOY did they fix it.

May18 097

They were both really very happy to be dripping wet and declared it to be the Best. Day. Ever.

Which, let's sum that up. I drove to do a thing I wanted to do. I let them walk around for a few minutes, eat the food I wanted to eat, and then dumped water on them. AND THEY LIKED IT.

If only pleasing kids were always so easy.