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Purrfectly Meowderful

If I had a dollar for every time I've heard, "But mooooooom, I have a cat on me!" I'd have enough money to cure the world of Seinfeld reruns.

Truly, I would do the world THAT fantastic of a service. I'm a giver like that.

Alas, no one pays me to hear Alexis use the cats as her excuse for not doing anything ever. She can't empty the dishwasher. She can't go to bed. She can't get up and go to the bathroom, which is funny, because what exactly does she expect me to do to help her with that one? Whatever it is, I'm not doing it.

The arrival of Mila and the fact that she is nearly always attached to me has been the nail in the coffin for the cats. They were unsure which human is their favorite, but now they are all Team Alexis. That Tiny Human makes noises. Scary noises. Scary cat-threatening noises. So, they avoid her and, by extension, me.

That means wherever Alexis is, you will find Max and Kiara. (Ali is a whole other issue -- she's too busy stealing pacifiers to pay attention to where humans are.) The human-worshipping cats take turns acting as feline blankets the very second that Alexis sits down.

She loves it.

It's driving me insane.

Because ... THIS.


That's part of how the Daisy Photo thing started to go south.

"But moooooooooom! Kiara wants to sit with me!"

I'm calling it now -- Alexis is going to grow up to be a very serious cat lady. She's going to be the sort of cat lady who wears t-shirts about cats, uses cats as an excuse to stay on the couch all day, and who posts photos of cats on the internet all of the time.

In other words, she's going to grow up to be me.


So Far

This little person Mila is still very much so a mystery. Will she always be tall? Will her hair be curly or straight? Will her eyes stay blue? What kind of music will she like? Will she enjoy sports?

Who is she?

We will discover the answers one at a time as the weeks turn into years.

Right now we know a few things about her. For example, we know she likes her pacifier, but she's not committed to it unless she's really upset. That's a good thing, too, since Ali Cat likes to steal them and hide them all over the house.

We know that Mila loves sleep, so much so that sometimes she forgets to eat. When her tummy eventually grumbles enough to disturb her slumber, she unleashes a fit of rage that can't be described with words. There's a angry growl that follows a high-pitched scream and is accompanied by a tomato-red scrunched up face. It's a fit of rage that unleashes a fit of giggles from Alexis because, "If you want to eat, just ask."

Mila wants to sleep all smooshed up, but if her eyes are open, her arms are out. She confidently holds her head high so that she can look all around because she has to be able to see the world. Her legs stay tucked, but the rest of her says I SEE YOU AND I WANT IN ON THIS ACTION.

Her eyes really are THAT bright. It's not a photography trick.

What is a photography trick is a little slight of hand that lessens the harshness of the baby acne that struck two weeks ago. It's nearly gone now, but for a few days it was pretty bad.

Other than that, though, she's perfect. She will continue to be perfect, but we'll have to wait to see how she defines the word.


The Daisy Photo, Volume 9

We have a tradition around these parts that involves Alexis, some daisies from my garden, and a white dress. Over the years, it has looked like this.





Last year the photo was taken with absolutely zero drama, which is a rare thing for the infamous Daisy Photo. I predicted that this year would be a challenge.

I was correct.

Mila cooperated fully with my plan by taking a nap (she will have her own series starting when she's about 6 months old). Alexis cooperated NOT AT ALL because of course she didn't.

I still got my photo, though.

It's not perfect, but it will work.