First World Problems. I Have Them.

The problem with Mila going to daycare every day is that they teach her stuff. How dare they, right?

It's completely daycare's fault that Mila knows a handful of signs, for example. In theory she should be learning them from us, but we've been slacking at the sign language. They've picked up our slack. I suppose I can forgive that.

I can't forgive this other thing, though.

It was probably two weeks ago. We were out doing something that involved Alexis having more fun than us I when I decided to entertain myself by asking Mila to do tricks. "Mila, where's your nose?" I asked before I booped her little button nose.

She beat me to the boop. She reached up and pushed on her own nose, even going so far as to say "boop" when she did it.

SURELY it was a fluke, so I asked here where her ears were. She quickly put both hands up and pointed to her ears. It was like she understood the question or something.

Then I asked where her belly was. She instantly tossed her shirt up in the air so that I had no choice but to poke her belly. Just like the Pillsbury Doughboy, she let out a little giggle when I poked. We did it a few more times just to make sure it wasn't dumb luck, but that little belly kept finding its way to the poke zone.


While it is fantastic that daycare is teaching her stuff during the day, there's also that thing where my baaaaaaaybeeeee is acting more like a toddler these days. I definitely blame daycare.


They taught her to boop. Toddlers boop. Babies look at you like you have 14 heads when you ask them dumb questions like "Where's your nose."

You guys, I think maybe I have a toddler on my hands.


Now With Less Stink

Considering that I have dropped it down a flight of stairs, Mila has thrown it across a room, and I've watched it fall to the ground dozens of times, I was due to shatter the screen on my phone. I mean, I OWED it to the universe to have to run to the Apple Store, admit that I made my phone sad, and then pay some money.

So I did that. Minus the paying some money part because WOOOOOO! I love fantastic customer service!!!!!


It was as I was leaving the Apple Store that I saw her. Out of the corner of my eye, there bounced a slender brunette in a long flowing dress. I hadn't seen her in over five years, but I recognized her immediately.

Alexis' dance teacher.

Alexis has had a long line of dance teachers. Each and every one of them has been an amazing force of positivity, grace, and professionalism. Except THAT one. THAT one . . . HOOBOY.

I wrote about that one a long time ago.

That one teacher was the teacher who made Alexis feel like she should just pack up her ballet shoes and head for the hills. Little Alexis didn't stand a chance as a REAL dancer. Dancing was most definitely not her calling. After all, little girls who get attacked by the floor constantly and who don't have the confidence to stand in front of a room filled with strangers have no chance of ever getting better.


What Alexis is currently doing with dance is mostly her story to tell, but it's safe to say that recent months have proven that if you kick up the difficulty level, Alexis will rise to the occasion. And rise. And rise some more. Girlfriend is doing VERY well. She is doing so well that I have to say *I* was wrong about what she can do. I'm constantly floored by how gracefully she's hanging in there as she learns new and harder choreography.

So as I watched THAT dance teacher bounce through the mall, I thought about what I would say. I thought about all of the words that would be appropriate for a person who tried to squash a passion in a small child. I thought all of the things.

Then I turned on my heel and walked the other way, smiling silently to myself. Karma will make the rounds eventually.


The Answer To The Swing Dilemma -- Delegate