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Merry and Bright


It Was Good While It Lasted

Remember when Alexis was being a super extraordinary 8 year-old and my heart was about to explode with pride because she was just plain amazing and fantastic and wonderful?


It's not like I expected it to last forever.

All of the amazingness has this week devolved into ARE YOU KIDDING ME, CHILD?

There are a lot of things in life I don't understand. I struggle with calculus. I don't know how the Kardashians ever became a thing. I can't explain why N*Sync won't just reunite and steal everyone's money with a tour. And Kesha. I definitely don't understand Kesha.

Also high on that list is why a child would think it's a good idea to lie to your face when you know they know that you know. I mean, when I asked Alexis if she had been eating in the living room as she was walking out of the living room with an empty plate of food, I thought she would admit that she had broken the rules. There would have been a "Please don't do it again" and an "I'm sorry" and it all would have been done. Instead the kid denied all wrongdoing.

There were witnesses.

I'm not stupid.

She got in a LOT of trouble.

Since then, she has gotten in trouble a few more times for remarkably similar reasons. So, basically, she's grounded until sometime next spring. I have absolutely zero patience for lying.

The timing of Alexis' fall from grace is veeeeery interesting, by the way. The Elf has arrived. She is reporting back to Santa.

It's like she's daring the Elf to ruin her Christmas.