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It's Almost Time




I Love You Through and Through

I give the man of the house grief because of his drawer filled with straw wrappers and useless cash receipts, but it's not like he's the only hoarder around these parts. Well, wait, he is, but sometimes I keep things too.

Like books.

I don't know what it is about books, but I can't part with them. If I've read it, I keep it. If I loved it, I keep it. If I hated it, I keep it. I keep all of the books. That includes Alexis' huge supply of books from when she was a tiny little lass.

That means Mila came into this world with a rather impressive library. I had to bribe Alexis to give up all of those baby books, but still. Mila's bookshelf is very full. It's shelves are stacked with the books Alexis loved. She explored their pages with her fingers, her eyes, and even her mouth as she grew from a slobbery little creature to the almost-graceful young girl she is today.

And now Alexis is reading some of those favorite books to Mila.

It is every bit as fantastic as you would think it is.

And possibly even a bit better.