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Oh, How Things Have Changed

Let's remind ourselves of one thing: Alexis started life PAINFULLY shy. There's lots of proof around these parts, such as this post from when she was two or this one from when she was three. And when I say PAINFULLY shy, I legit thought I might have to re-attend grade school because NO WAY was she going to go anywhere without me. We were going to have to double-date when she was a teen, keep her company at college, and possibly live in her basement when she was an adult because she was scared of the world.

I'm REALLY, REALLY, REALLY glad we broke that right around when she started kindergarten. It wasn't working for anybody.

Annnnnnnd ... now the pendulum has swung the other way. The shy thing is gone. In fact, at some point in the last month or so, Alexis has started to figure out that she's hilarious. Which, she is. We know that. But, suddenly SHE knows it and has been bravely dropping one liners in public. She left a grocery store cashier in stitches not long ago when she commented on a tabloid cover. There was a story about Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez getting back together, to which Alexis commented, "Selena Gomez is not THAT dumb. The only way they're getting back together is if he pays her."

She's eight, remember. If I had said it, it would have been a tiny bit maybe funny. Maybe. But Alexis saying it? HILARITY.

Now that she's trying to be funny, she keeps using humor to get herself out of awkward situations. For example, earlier this week she was in the bathroom when the husband thought it would be fun to knock on the door just to annoy her.

It worked. She was adequately annoyed as she yelled out, "Hey! Stop it!"

She was MORE than adequately annoyed because she went busting out of the bathroom aboard her Nag-agator 3000 and started nagging the husband left and right. He wasn't real interested and ignored her, so she turned to me.


(Slightly off topic -- she now only refers to me in ALL CAPS. You can hear it in her tone.)

"Can you believe Daddy knocked on the door while I was in the bathroom? Can't I have two seconds of privacy without someone just rudely ..."

I think maaaaaaybe my face gave away what I was thinking because she stopped mid-sentence. I didn't say anything, though. Instead, I waited.

"Annnnnd ... I think maybe I'll just stop right there because I do it to you all of the time. I am SO sorry!" she continued as she slowly backed out of the room and then ran upstairs faster than that kid in The Incredibles.

She knows she's funny. She's totally using it to keep me from giving her a piece of my mind.