It Looks Much Quieter Than It Is


The Calm Before the Storm


I Can Already Hear the Screams

Alexis' 9th birthday is just around the corner. That means it's party time.


In case you've forgotten, I love me some party planning. Give me a theme and I am off and running. Monster High? YES! Glow in the dark? SURE! Hello Kitty? ABSOLUTELY! I love beating a theme into the ground!

So, of course, Alexis decided she didn't want a theme this year. WOMP WOMP WOMP.

There will be no fun-colored dips. No crazy decorations. No fun names for common foods.

I mean, there might be some of those things. You can take the theme away from the girl, but you can't take the theme OUT of the girl. I'm working on figuring something out.

In the meantime, I'm scared out of my mind. Not only did the child NOT want a theme, she decided she wanted a sleepover. That sounds fine and dandy until you remember that the kid is an evil genius. There are nine girls coming to the sleepover. NINE.

That's a lot of screeching and screaming and HOOBOY. I should probably put Mila into some sort of witness protection program as soon as possible.

There weren't suppose to be nine girls. There were suppose to be five. Maybe six.

The story about how that happened begins with Alexis picking out invitations on Etsy and me deciding I can make similar ones myself. That happened and all went well and blah, blah, blah. I sent them to be printed on photo paper and all was well. Oh, and by "them," I mean seven of them. I wanted a few extras. One to keep, and one extra invitation just in case we screwed up when getting them ready to mail. No big deal.


But then I forgot to mail them. Too much time went by, so I decided I better email a few of the people who live farther away that they were invited. Advance warning and such. Those two quickly replied that they would be there. Great!

Somehow, those two email invitations turned into Alexis thinking she had two more people she could invite. NOT GREAT.

Alexis addressed all seven invitations. When I tried to talk her off the ledge, she couldn't figure out how to cut out 2-3 people without hurting someone's feelings. The kid knows I'm a sucker for kindness, so I couldn't say no.

So. Nine girls. For the whole night.

Enjoy the silence for me this weekend. And maybe send some earplugs for Mila.