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That HAIR!

January 19 015


It's Cold

I had a lot of things I wanted to accomplish yesterday. Hearing the words, "the heater is broken" wasn't on that list. Which, let's review a little something. Two years ago at this time, I had no heat in my car. The blower had gone out and it took a while to get an appointment and then wait for the part and ... IT WAS JANUARY.

The girls and I were very cold driving around.

So, sure, let's repeat that this year, but when we're home. Why not?

The good news about it being the heat at our house is that we live in a Maronda home, which means we have two of those hideous corner fireplaces that make no sense. We never use the fireplaces because they're dumb, but I might be redefining them as AWESOME right about now. (The problem with them is that they are both placed in rooms that trap air, so it turns into an oven in that room, but the rest of the house is still cold.) (I'm always cold, so for me to say they turn a room into an oven is REALLY saying something. Most mortals might spontaneously combust in those rooms.)

Mila, for her part, is pretty oblivious to the whole thing EXCEPT NOT. The kid catches on to everything, but she does it in that hilarious 4-year old way of understanding the world way. She doesn't know where heat comes from or how it gets made, so she has spent the past day telling me about how I'm doing it all wrong.

"Mom, just go buy more heat. We can go to Target."

If only it were that easy ...

December18 036

(I'd walk out of Target with heat and about $100 in things that I didn't because that's what happens there.)


So Confusing

We have SUPER entered the phase with Mila that includes random thoughts falling out of her face at a rapid pace. If I remember correctly, I'm about to be treated with around two years of hilarity, assuming that Alexis was "normal" with how long she stayed there. Mila is a bit more random that Alexis, though, so she might be even more fun.

And by random, I mean RANDOM. I keep likening it to playing a slot machine. You just never know what you're going to get when you pull the handle.

During tonight's drive home, I was treated to:

- Why is it always dark?

- (Boy at school) was wearing Superman underwear today.

- Is that a real hand that we cut off a man or is it fake? (She was referring to a Halloween decoration that hasn't seen the light of day for two years. It's a fake hand and apparently 2-year old Mila lodged it deep in her memory so she could pull it out in January ... TWO YEARS LATER.)

- My dead parents shouldn't have fed the monster. (I can't explain this one, other than to question the possibility that we get reincarnated because Mila often talks about alternate lives and people she "remembers" from them. With much detail.)

- I don't like when the sun shines in my eyes. You need to fix it. (It was dark outside ...)

- I'm going to wear my yellow socks tomorrow.

- Sometimes I like broccoli, but not always. Can we have broccoli for dinner? I like it today.

- Penny has to get haircuts sometimes.

- I really like Christmas decorations. We should keep them all the time. (I FEEL YOU, MILA.)

- Fonzi is the funniest. I really like him.

And that was all in a manner of five minutes. FIVE MINUTES. I had whiplash from trying to appropriately say, "Okay" versus "That's cool" versus "Oh, really?" because Mila notices when I phone it in, so I have to make sure my response to every little thing makes sense.

Go ahead and pull the lever ... you might just end up randomly confused.

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