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Pop Goes the Easter Bunny


Dirty Underwear are More Edible than Peeps

This is just one of my recent masterpieces made with Peeps and hot glue. You can read about more of the fun over here.


Surely I'm Not the Only One Who Has Projects that Take Years to Finish

Sometimes I post things just so I will do something about them.

This is definitely one of those times.

Way back when we moved into this house nearly five years ago, Alexis picked a bedroom. This bedroom, in fact.

February14 068

Except, when she picked it, it was a plain white box. In an effort to make the whole moving situation easier for her, we immediately let her pick out new bedding and a theme for the room. She obviously decided on rainbows and fairies, so I set out to paint some murals for her.

February14 076

The painting of the murals was going REALLY well from my perspective, right up until I got to the fairy faces and then I got a little nervous. I got nervous enough to decide I would go back and just do faces at the very end. So, I finished pretty much everything else about the murals ... and then we built the loft.

The loft is in the tiniest of tiny bedrooms. It's a room that is too small for much more than a twin bed, in fact, which is why we built the loft. It created a lot of extra space, but we never really planned to use it. We have enough bedrooms to not need it, technically.

Alexis disagreed. In the midst of me painting the last of her fairy/rainbow murals, she decided she was moving to the room with the loft. She grabbed her pillows and blankets and it was so.

So I stopped painting murals. I mean, nobody was living in that room, so why care?

February14 075

The fairies have been faceless for years now.

February14 073

Maybe I should have cared, but I didn't because that room essentially became a walk-in closet for Alexis. It wasn't like we needed it for anything else.

That has to end.

The room needs to get re-done.

Just in case.

So this is my ultimatum. The Husband has started working in there because he's not as loca en la cabeza as I am. The murals are sanded flat, some painting has been started, and THIS WEEKEND, things will happen.

I will commit to a theme.

I will purchase fabric to make bedding.

I will make a window treatment decision.


And if I haven't posted that something is done in the next couple of weeks, you heretoforth have permission to give me endless crap.

Because five weeks to go with nothing done is absolute insanity. My head knows it. My heart still disagrees, but it's time to tell it to shut up and start acting like somebody might just be living in that room fairly soon.