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I Kinda Like These Two


Tiny Humans Can YELL

Do not be fooled by this angelic little face.

This kid is having the worst week of her life.

My return to work has turned her world upside-down, but C'MON, WE DID THIS THE NICE WAY.

Baby steps, that is. Instead of surging straight into daycare, the kid has a whole week of hanging out with dad. Throw in the little bit of continuity that is her sister, and life shouldn't be that rough.

Shouldn't be. But it is.

Despite being in the same house with mostly the same routine as most of the rest of her life, poor Mila is so angry about every little change. So, so angry.

Which is to say, she's really pissed that nobody will feed her or let her take a nap.

The feeding thing surprises me muchly because I get texts all day about how she was offered a bottle and responded by yelling obscenities. If you want to eat, dear Mila, eat. IT'S RIGHT THERE IN FRONT OF YOUR FACE. She won't, though, because BOTTLES ARE STUPID, Y'ALL.

Except, the kid has been given bottles pretty regularly her entire life. Admittedly, I've never fully depended on them because I hate pumping more than I hate Dora's stupid whiny voice when it yells at me to find the map. But, I'm not dumb. She has eaten from bottles.

Sort of.

I can't actually think of a time that she took more than an ounce or two. So there's that.

The no sleeping thing fascinates me muchly because my vision of Mila is that she is possibly the only human on earth who loves sleep as much as I do. The girl can SLEEP, is what I'm saying. Yet, all this week, she has done a terrible job of napping. I'm not sure what the issue is because if she starts rubbing her eyes when I'm around, I put her in her crib and walk away. Ten minutes later she is asleep.

There's no magic or drugs or anything involved, I swear. She just knows how to put herself to sleep. I'm not touching anything that isn't broken, so I stay the hell out of her way and let her do her thing.

The no eating and no napping thing has been escalating as the week progresses, to the point that today my lunch date was the tiny human with big blue eyes. While she dined, she told me all about how I'm the only person who understands how the food thing is supposed to work. Then she fell asleep mid-swallow.

If only people would feed her and let her sleep.


Good Job, You Guys

Somewhere between this one making me fall over laughing because, well, THIS:

(Pro tip: If you don't want the world to call you "Grandma Alexis," maybe don't grab a walker when your mom takes you roller skating.)

and this one making me fall over laughing because I AGREE, PINK TUTUS ARE AWFUL

something really fantastic happened.


You guys did that.

All of it.

60 backpacks
65 rulers
140 notebooks
19 packs of paper
32 pairs of scissors
48 highlighters
50 bottles of glue
30 boxes of markers
180 pens
54 packs of crayons
48 erasers
20 packs of multi-color pens
75 folders
90 glue sticks
10 packs of index cards
60 pencil boxes
13 packs of underwear
13 packs of socks

It all magically appeared and found its way to Center for Victims. I say "magically" because I counted over 100 different people from all over the world who helped pull it together. I posted a few links and then *POOF* all of the stuff arrived, thanks to those 100 plus people.

That's over 100 people who sacrificed a latte or ten to help make sure some kids who have had life interrupted by violence return to school with the things they need.

Thanks, y'all.