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I Live With Clowns


Yelly Yell Yell

I've often said that Mila is the one who is going to destroy me, and it's absolutely true. The child is ... opinionated. She's also extremely determined and feisty. I'm sure all of that is eventually going to serve her well, but for now it means I get yelled at a lot.

If she's awake and no one has acknowledged her awesomeness, she yells.

If she's hungry and there is not food being shoved in her face, she yells.

If she sees a toy she wants and she can't reach it, she yells.

If she flips herself onto her stomach and then immediately regrets that choice, she yells.

Mila yells a lot. (In contrast, Alexis was a screamer. She screamed for the fun of it and when she wanted something.)

About two seconds after Mila Monster first was given a tiny taste of applesauce, she decided she had something new to yell about. She instantly figured out the whole food thing, and she liked it. She went from kinda sorta trying a thing or two to GIVE ME WHATEVER THAT IS THAT YOU HAVE RIGHT THIS SECOND.

You guys, she tried to steal my apple pie. She failed because I don't share, but not until after she slobbered all over it. It's as if she thought that I would give it to her if she left her spit everywhere, but again, I don't share. Ever. Especially pie.

A few hours after The Pie Incident, she tried to steal my Indian food. I figured she wouldn't actually like it and let her have a bite of Channa Masala, but that turned into yelling. She liked it, all right, and she wanted ALL OF IT RIGHT THIS SECOND OMG. SHOVEL FASTER, LARGE HUMAN.

The Channa Masala thievery was enough for me to realize this little girl is going to skip the pureed food phase just like her sister did. The only difference is that I recongize what is going on and am willing to play along. If Mila wants to eat things other kids her age don't eat, that's cool. We'll figure it out as we go along.

Except daycare.

Daycare is all about conforming to the norm. We're really very bad at that concept. In fact, the kid has a sort of lasagna in her lunch bag for tomorrow.

They're going to be confused.

And Mila is going to yell at them.


Just in Time for the Holidays

Waaaaaaay back when I first made this space public, I sort of had a thing for reborn dolls. If you've never had the joy of experiencing my obsession, you should check out this post. And this one. Oh, and this one.

I maaaaybe sort of still have that obsession in my back pocket, but good news! It's in my back pocket! That's a safe place for it as far as the internet is concerned. Mostly I moved it there because something new and shiny came along and distracted me. That happens a lot.


But then every once in a while, a shiny creepy doll will get my attention and make me want to move that obsession to my front pocket. 

It starts out innocently enough. Perhaps Alexis will be watching some mind-numbing show on Nickelodeon. Perhaps I won't have a clue what show it is, but I will be jarred out of my not-paying-attention trance by a commercial.

Perhaps this commercial.

You know what's creepier than that doll?


I have never found that sort of treasure in a diaper. If I do, I will be calling a doctor immediately because NOPE.

Just nope.

No way.

(How do I convince Mila that she should ask for one for Christmas?)