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Sometimes I just shouldn't ask questions, but my OCD was twitching. The only way to satisfy the twitch was to ask, "So, which bottle does Mila seem to prefer?"

It was a legitimate question, by the way. Ever since she started daycare, we've been working with about 10 different brands/types of bottles because PRINCESS PICKY BUTT. It has been two weeks since she turned the corner, so I figured it was time to clean out the cabinet in the kitchen that has been housing the weapons in the war on her crazy. Matching bottles sound so fun! And WAY more OCD friendly!

The daycare person hesitated when I asked. "Well, I would say she probably likes the Tommee Tippee best," she started. THIS WAS THE TYPE OF INFORMATION I WAS LOOKING FOR (although, it does contradict the husband's experience). But, then she continued, "but it's not really the bottle that seems to have made her happy."

I waited for the end of the statement, assuming it was going to be all good news. Maybe it was a temperature thing?


"She really just doesn't want anyone else to hold her bottles. If we put her in her crib and prop a bottle up on a Bumbo, she holds it and feeds herself. We stay next to her and keep a close eye on her, but she wants to do it herself," she said.

The daycare person continued to explain that if anyone touches the bottle, Mila yells. If anyone tries to hold Mila, she yells. Leave the kid alone and let her hold her own damn bottle, thank you very much.

For a millisecond, that all sounded well and good. Yay for independence! But, then I thought about the potential for the future.


$100 says Mila's first sentence is, "I do it."

$10000 says it's pretty much the theme of her toddler years.