Anything Alexis Can Do, Mila Can ... WELP.

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The Face That Gets Me EVERY TIME

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It Was Fun While It Lasted

Sometimes words can't properly describe a situation and that's probably why I haven't really written about Mila and gymnastics. While she's a firecracker wrapped in joy while she's there, she has always been in a "Mommy and Me" style class because OBVIOUSLY. Did you catch the "firecracker" part? The kid likes to explode. A lot.

Basically, I've escorted Mila to every gymnastics class for like a year because somebody has to make sure she doesn't go off on some sort of suicide mission. Which, she's constantly running off on suicide missions. That's why I tackle my kid often. Sometimes there are running tackles involved, even, because she's really willing to just take off and do whatever it is that she wants. All the other kids are walking across the little kid balance beam? Cool. Mila's going to climb the walls and see if she can walk across the rafters instead. Go big or go home, folks.

Needless to say, I've left every gymnastics class EXHAUSTED. I get more steps in that hour than I would if I were to run a marathon.

Mila leaves happy, though. That makes it super worthwhile.

So .... we just started a new session of gymnastics. That means it's time for new teachers and classes and schedules, so a few things changed. Alexis, for example, is now missing her favorite tumbling teacher because he seems to have vanished into thin air. It sucks royally because that man GETS her. He knows how to call her out when she's being a chicken and he knows when she should be pushed just a little bit harder. I'm really hoping he's just on vacation or something. COME BACK TO US, MIKE. Ahem.

Mila has a different teacher this time, too. She has a different teacher because she's too old for the "Mommy and Me" class. I mean, I could put her in one, but for her age, she's supposed to be in a normal class where the parents stay away. She's old enough to listen to a coach without me whispering in her ear and blah, blah, blah.

I really truly expected Mila to get kicked out of the class after one week. She's a jokester, so she thinks it's hilarious to purposely screw up and break rules and such. She ON PURPOSE falls off of the balance beam all of the time. She is all about breaking things and doing whatever else it takes to put on a good show. There's usually running and cackling involved.

There were a few noteable events the first week:

1. The coach said they would likely finish early because attendance was low and Mila would "get worn out." That is not a thing that is possible and I know it. It was fun watching the coach figure it out.

2. Mila didn't get kicked out of the class! HOORAY! She made it all the way through mostly listening to directions and everything. She wasn't perfect, but her behavior fell within the acceptable range.

And then there was this week. ::WOMP::WOMP::

I wasn't there for the class this week. I travelled to Wisconsin for work, but it shouldn't have mattered. Mila just needed to listen and follow directions. She would be SO golden if she did.

The call came yesterday. Mila got kicked out of the class.

BUUUUUT! It wasn't because of her behavior! It was because she was the only one signed up for that particular class! So, basically I've got a kid who has figured out how to be a reasonable member of society, but now she has to join a big group of kids in another class. What are the odds that her good behavior was only because she was enjoying having a personal coach all to herself?

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