If I Legit Run Into Something and Hurt Myself, They Will Both Look at the Camera



Her "Avoid the Camera" Skills are AMAZING Lately



Christmas Crazy. More.

Oh, hi.


Perhaps you would like to know how that little project is going so far?

The short answer is that it is going pretty darn well. The longer answer is over there in the sidebar ----->

Did you see it? The Christmas Crazy button? With the total below it?

That's a pretty solid start, but we have a ways left to go if we want to make some serious magic for kids who are currently receiving services through Center for Victims. These are kids who have seen violence up close in ways that I'd rather not think about.

Let's do more. Lots more.

Here's the Amazon Wishlist.

Or you can click the reindeer and I will do the shopping. Either way, we're doing something that matters.

I think one of the people who works directly with the kids said it well, so I won't try to come up with the words. From an email she sent a few days ago: "I cannot express to you how much myself, the agency and our families appreciate everything you do for us especially for Christmas so from the bottom of our hearts THANK YOU!!"

She's talking to you guys.