It's So Hard To Say Goodbye to ... Zzzzzzz

There are a million reasons why it's weird when I talk to fellow moms of 4-year olds. That whole age gap between kids thing, y'know? I'm that person whose eyes roll out of their head as the first-time mom talks about how hard all of the things 4-year olds do are.

They are hard. But, parenting never gets easier; the challenges just shift. Hey, my 12-year old has a friend who has had sex. A little bit older friend, BUT STILL. OMG. WTF. BBQ. Mila can ask me what time it is all day long if it gets me to stop thinking about that Middle Schooler drama.


But, hey! I think there may soon have to be one less reason why it's weird when I talk to other moms of 4-year old. Mila, she of much energy and chaos, still does a thing.

A REALLY amazing thing.

Mila has never given up her two to three-hour long afternoon nap.

I KNOW! You hate me! It's okay. Mom of 4-year old Alexis would have hated me, too. That kid gave up naps before she had any teeth, so I earned the right to this good sleeper thing. And, wow, Mila is SUCH a good sleeper.

That 2+ hour nap buys me time to do all sorts of things. It's really very magical, but now that Mila is creeping her way towards being five, I think she may have to give up that nap. She's starting to struggle to fall asleep at night, which was only sporadically an issue until recently. She's staying awake until after 10:00 most evenings. I think I have to blame that nap.

When she skips it, she goes to bed better. That's pretty important.

But two-hour nap.

But going to bed without making me insane.

But nap.


But nap.

This parenting thing is hard.

August18 008


Today Happened Tomorrow and Yesterday is Yet to Come

What time is it? It is time to figure out how to get Mila to stop asking about the time!


For months, Mila has been obsessed with time. She is ramping her crazy and now asks for the time at least 1359813759 times per day. Which is great because if there is one thing I need in my life, it's a constant reminder that time is passing by way too quickly. What time is it now? It is two minutes later than the last time Mila asked and didn't that two minutes pass by in a blink?


My favorite part about this whole obsession is that Mila has no concept of time. Everything that happened in the past happened "yesterday." We went to Chicago yesterday, Mila was born yesterday, we bought her a swimsuit with a white bow on it yesterday. Everything that has yet to happen will happen "tomorrow." Tomorrow Mila is going to go to kindergarten. Tomorrow she's going to drive a car. Tomorrow Mila will be 20 years old.

Which, now that I'm thinking about it, is EXACTLY how time works when you're an adult. Tomorrow comes at you so fast you can't keep your head on straight, yesterday just happened, and everything in between is just a blur.

While I ponder the fact that my 4-year old understands time better than I do, how do I get her to stop asking for the time? Seriously. I already tried giving her a watch and teaching her how to read it. She just made everyone confirm she was reading it correctly all day long. I need a new trick. Annnnnd ... go!

August18 061



Making Friends

There are things in this life that you should just assume:

1. If there is a day when we don't have anything planned, we'll end up at the "Big Library" and wandering around Oakland. It's the easiest (and cheapest!) way to keep the girls happy.

2. f there is an animal anywhere in the vicinity, Mila will try to make friends with it.

3. If there is a bird anywhere in the vicinity, Alexis will declare it her mortal enemy and set out to destroy it.

If you add up 1 + 2 + 3, you get ZOMG.

August18 047

The photo does not do justice to the moment because video is what I really needed. Without video, you are spared from the screaming coming from all directions. Alexis was screaming because GET AWAY FROM THE FLYING DEATH BOMB! Mila was screaming because I FOUND A NEW FRIEND! I was screaming because CAN'T YOU TWO JUST BE QUIET?

It was a lot.

So much.

But at least I have a photo of the moment two seconds after Mila casually walked up to a bird, said, "Hi, Birdie!" and then touched it before it casually strolled away from her. The bird didn't bother to fly away until all of the screaming started, so basically Mila ended up mad at Alexis for ruining her animal friend adventure. Alexis ended up mad because she was so grossed out by the act of making friends with the enemy.

And I just lost a few more of my marbles. If you happen to find them, please return them to Oakland. I'm sure we'll be there again soon.