Sometimes There Are Reasons For Things. Maybe.

Schedules being what they are, I've only picked the girls up from daycare/after school twice. It's kind of a bummer because pickup was always one of my favorite things when Alexis was tiny. There's something about that pure glee that spreads across a little person's face when they first see you that is just plain magical.

Alexis may be a super cool 9 year-old at this point, but she's still happy to see her mommy at the end of the day. That means the two times I've picked the sisters up, she has been all smiles. I know it won't always be that way, so I like to take a mental picture of her "it's so nice to see you!" face each time it is pointed my way.

And Mila. Little Miss Mila Monster. She is glee on legs, so that moment when she looks up and realizes she KNOWS THAT BIG PERSON AT THE DOOR! is pretty fantastic. Watching recognition wash over her face is the sort of thing you want to replay over and over and over and over.

That right there is enough. It's enough that the girls are excited to see me. It's enough to get to pick them up just a few times and get to experience that magic.

But one of those two times I picked them up, there was more.

Mila is often in a terrible mood when she gets picked up. She's hungry (her own fault -- she has never given in and accepted bottles at daycare) and she's sleepy (still her own fault since she controls whether her eyes are open or not) and generally just a mess. You get that moment of pure happy when she first sees you, but once you set her down to strap her into her car seat, it's all over. She's ready to hunt for her own food if she has to.

Generally she falls asleep in the car because sleepy wins over hungry, but that one day she didn't. She didn't fall asleep because Alexis couldn't stand seeing a sad Mila. Alexis decided to transform into the ringmaster of a circus in the back seat. When you're picturing in your head what that might look like, you should probably envision a youthful female version of Jim Carrey in The Mask. She was contorting her face, making crazy noises, and generally acting a fool.

Mila was loving every second of it.

As Mila laughed and laughed until tears were running down her face, Alexis kept up the show. They maintained a special level of crazy the entire way home.

That. That right there. That moment. Maybe that's why we had to wait 8 years for a Mila. Maybe we had to wait so that Alexis could have a chance to grow into the amazing sister she was meant to be.



Embracing All Four Eyes

Sometimes the oddest things stick with you, and sitting on the bus listening to a friend complain about how terrible her school photos were is one of those things. I thought she looked fantastic. She thought she looked AWFUL. Mostly her issue was with her glasses.

I was YEARS  from getting contacts at the time, so of course I was willing to embrace glasses on everybody.

But. Still. She really did look good. It bugged me that she didn't see it that way. She didn't see it that way to such an extreme level that she managed to convince her parents to let her get contacts. She redid her school photos minus the glasses and was very happy.

The same girl later went on to start doing liquid diets in junior high. So. I guess maybe she sucked at embracing her own beauty right at the start. Realizing that it all began in fourth/fifth grade has me just a little bit worried about The Big Kid. She's acutely aware of things that I had hoped she wouldn't know about for a few more years.

She checks to see if she looks fat in some clothes.

She has very strong opinions about her hair.

She worries.

But, maybe it's all going to be okay. I say that because my kid went and copied the girl I remember from Middle School. Miss Alexis, despite her youth, has officially become a wearer of contacts. There are a lot of really good reasons why it was time to have her make the switch from glasses to contacts. There's no need for me to go into the reasons here. I will, however, point out one thing.

The kid had a meltdown after getting her contacts fitted because she thinks she looks better with glasses.

"Mom, I'm just meant to wear glasses," she said. Then she told me about how all of her friends at school agree.

It's about time the kid embraced something awesome about herself. She does look good in glasses. Definitely.


I Should Be Ashamed of Myself, but NOPE.

Mila is going to walk. I mean, I know that's pretty obvious (and fantastic!), but I mean she's going to do it relatively soon. First she will probably master her enunciation of "kitty" and "doggy," but then it's on to walking.

Watching the kitty.

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(She's trills the letter "g" when she tries to say "doggy." I walked through a pet store that sells puppies with her and I thought she was going to have a seizure she was so busy saying "doggggggggggggggggggggy" the whole time.)

(She also says "ish" for "fish." So. There goes my theory that she's going to talk super late.)


(I just really love ellipses. Sorry, not sorry.)

So. Mila is going to walk. Sort of soon. It won't happen tomorrow or even the next day, but the train is leaving the station. I sure hope the dogs and cats that live with her are working on their escape plans because once she's walking, she's going to be FAST. And it's going to be very difficult to elude her.

It's already a challenge to elude her.

Somewhere along the way, the tiny little baby who I am pretty certain was JUST BORN mastered the art of walking with a push toy. She cruises around all over the place, running over every toy along her path, bamming into walls, and grinning with glee the entire time because ZOOM ZOOM! Nothing can slow her down.

She was about to push the entire house to the ground last week, so I took her outside to practice her mad skillz. There is far more wide open space and far fewer animals that have to protect their tails, so it was a total win. But, less than ten minutes after she started cruising up and down the driveway, I realized her socks were getting trashed.


I refuse to buy her more socks, by the way. She has like ten pair and they best last her the rest of her life because baby socks are stupid expensive. Are they made with golden threads? They aren't diamond-encrusted (I checked). For what they cost, you'd think someone would figure out how to make sure they will stay on a baby for more than twenty seconds. They should also come running when I call for them, but whatever.

Long story short, it was time to start making the wee baby who was just born wear shoes. We don't do shoes until walking happens around here, but there it was. Walking. Outdoors. Whether it involves help or not doesn't matter. It matters that her socks needed protection.

You guys, I just wrote 420 words justifying the existence of these shoes.

I guess I could have just written, "If you're going to spend stupid money on stupid shoes for the baby, you better make sure they're ridiculous."

Mission accomplished.