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It's Too Bad They're So Miserable Together


Mila's Hot Air Balloon Themed Nursery

It occurred to me a few weeks ago that I never posted photos of Mila's room. When I had that thought, I decided I should wait until I finish it. But, then I remembered that it technically used to be Alexis' room and it was never done for her. I allegedly was working on it for four years with no real progress for 3 1/2 of those years.

So, screw it.

Here's the state of Mila's room as it stands right now. In theory, there will eventually be mirrors on either side of the window. Also, I will finish recovering the chair in a really awesome white fabric which is half pinned on and half lying in a pile on the floor behind the chair. I probably also need to make a few throw pillows since I have plenty of fabric. There is also the matter of the rug that apparently I'm going to make because I am insane.

Still, even without all of those things, it's not too bad, right? It gets even better when I go through the cost of everything.

First of all, the crib. It was Alexis', so it was technically free.

The artwork above the crib are photocopies from a book about hot balloons that I found at Half-Price Books for $15. Other than the cost of the book, they were free because I already had the frames sitting around and we have a scanner and printer that did the job just fine.

The sheet is a Target purchase that cost a whopping $15. The rest of the bedding and the curtains were made by yours truly in the three days before Mila was born. I found the hot air balloon fabric on Spoonflower. The other fabrics came from JoAnn's. The total cost was under $100.

The stained glass was a little project I did about a week before Mila was born. I will post a tutorial at some point because it is crazy easy to make these sorts of things.

It cost around $25 to make that. Although, I have enough glass left over to make about 10 more of them, so the real cost is much lower.

Mila's mobile is a thing of awesomeness.

It was a gift from Mila's aunt and uncle and she LOVES it. A lot. It's technically not a "baby mobile," but rather a fun Amazon find. I added something to it to make it even better.

That white thing at the top is a mobile music box. For under $15, it uses AA batteries to spin and spin and spin while it plays music. Instead of being wind-up and annoying in its ability to shut off at the wrong moment, it has on and off switches. We're still on the first set of batteries, despite the fact that Mila spends HOURS happily watching her hot air balloons float through the air.

I can't say enough nice things about that little white circle. It's my shower enabler.

I also love this little setup.

I purchased the dresser for $75 at a Just Between Friends sale and then made the husband paint it bright white (it was cream). We threw a changing pad on top for now, but it will return to life as a regular dresser relatively soon. The rest of the fun stuff on that wall came from Pat Catan's. The aqua box/shelf opens, so it's perfect for stashing diaper cream and such for now. Later it will be a pretty space. (Function wins over appearance around these parts.)

The last few things are items that were already in the house and found their way to Mila's room.

Which means that even after I add in the cost of the paint (Behr "Dolphin Fin"),  I spent less than $300 total to make that room kick ass.


I love it so much in there.


Bottles are Stupid

I'm not sure who told Mila she was allowed to have opinions about anything, but LIES. IT IS ALL LIES. STOP WITH THE OPINIONS, CHILD.


What I'm saying is this has continued.

I've been back to work for three weeks now and for three weeks, Mila has been all BOTTLES ARE STUPID, Y'ALL. She has yelled and carried on endlessly as she continuously chose to be hungry rather than eat the food that everyone was offering her.

Long story short, I think I've spent more on bottles and nipples the past three weeks than your average strip club owner does when stocking a bar and hiring dancers. We have tried EVERYTHING. Mila has rewarded my investments by being so kind as to eat 2 oz all day long.


By the way, do you know what happens when a baby who is accustomed to sleeping 7 hours stops eating during the day?

Yup. Bad things.

She totally flipped day with night. It happened very quickly. I went from getting an almost reasonable amount of sleep to hanging out with a baby all night long. Her total food consumption in 24 hours was rather fantastic, but she was saving all her meals for me. ALL OF THEM.

Until today!!!!!!!!!!!

All! That says "all"! Mila drank an entire bottle!

Sure, it was a small bottle and her total for the day still sucked, but PROGRESS! WOOOHOOOO!

For what it's worth, the bottle that she finished was a bottle that she has rejected no less than a dozen times in the past few weeks.

I'm being trolled by a 3-month old. It's a fact.