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No Regrets

Universe, I am sorry that I was late for EVERYTHING today. It's just that ... well ... did you spend any time outside? Because I did and IT WAS GLORIOUS.

I started with the late, despite getting up extra early, because this creature couldn't get in the car without stopping to admire the sunrise.


Legitimately, she walked out the door, looked up, and froze in her tracks. She declared the sunrise "Boo-tiful" and watched as the yellow turned to gold and then to orange and then to pink. At one point, she literally gasped with delight because Mother Nature put on a heck of a show. She even demanded that I take pictures of her with the sun. Only when the show was over was she willing to carry on with her day.

Which, well, if there's one thing that's better than stopping to smell the roses, it's stopping to gasp at a sunrise.

And then! And then I had to do the long walk from my car to my office (it's about 1/3 mile from the parking lot to my desk). The sun was shining, the birds were chirping, it was the perfect temperature ... and it seems I walk really slow in those conditions. When it was like -20°, I could do that walk in less than 2 minutes, but somehow it took me something closer to 20 minutes today.

And then I did that walk again at lunch.

And then the girls wanted to play with sidewalk chalk before we ate dinner.

And then Mila wanted to go for a walk in the neighborhood before I took Alexis to dance class.

Basically, I had an entire day of pausing life to enjoy the weather and I regret nothing. So there.


Scarred. Forever

Let's start here.


That's a tweet that caught my attention because OBVIOUSLY. My thoughts on it:



Feb;19 052

I don't really know why people are over on the original tweet acting all shocked that someone would not believe their kids for three days. It's been called abuse and people are all "Someone needs to call CYS" and all kinds of dumb. HAVE THEY NEVER MET A KID? Kids say insane stuff all of the time. If I were to believe Mila every time she says something, I'd never get out of bed because I'd be too scared to breath, open my eyes, and basically function in life. The better question is WHY WOULD ANYONE BELIEVE A KID REPORTING A POSSUM?

I mean ... really.

Alas, my reply up there still stands. I have spent the past day listening to Mila say nutty things and wondering BUT WHAT IF SHE'S TELLING THE TRUTH. So far, that has involved a lovely visit from the white cat. He's really big. He's in the pantry trying to get into the food.

Oh, and he's dead.

Mila has described Powder, he who died WELL before she was born, more times than I can count. I assume she saw a photo at some point? Maybe? Anyway, she's always mentioning him in conversation and he was in the pantry last night. He vanished into thin air several years ago, so I guess maybe it's possible he's still in the house and I'm just too dumb to realize it?

Mila also likes to talk about the Bulldog (Megara) she never met, but fortunately we haven't gotten into that conversation in the past day. Give it another day or two and we will. No worries.

But! We have talked about monsters. At 2:03 am exactly, Mila shoved her tiny hands in my face and pried my eyes open. She really super needed to tell me that there was a monster in the room and make it go away, please, mommy, please. She described it as pink and white with four legs and a tail.

I DON'T KNOW HOW SHE KNEW THAT COMBINATION WOULD KILL ME DEAD RIGHT THEN AND THERE. But it did. I was awake for a good hour afterwards trying to convince myself that it was crazy talk.

But what if there was a possum under the bed.

But what if there was a possum in the ceiling.

But what if there was a possum in the closet.

But what if there was a possum in the bed. Crawling towards me.

I eventually turned the lights on and looked because I'm a mature adult and stuff. There wasn't a possum, but there was a cat who had gotten herself locked in the bathroom which brings me back to my original problem. Mila wasn't TOTALLY crazy. Ali Cat is grey, not pink, but still she is a very real animal who was clunking around.

I'm going to have to believe everything Mila says for always because she might very well be telling me there's a possum in the bedroom.


If Only I Were Smarter

I don't know what time the news broke that rich people got caught buying their kids' way into college, but whatever time it was is the moment when I entered into a blind rage. It's dumb, admittedly, because OF COURSE RICH PEOPLE BUY THEIR KIDS PRIVILEGE, EVEN IF IT'S AGAINST THE RULES. I knew that. Doesn't everybody know that?


While I could be focused on the waves of anger that come from working three jobs in high school, while going to school, in order to be able to pay for the privilege of taking a standardized test that basically decides the next several years of your life and later learning that people who didn't get a decent score bought their way higher on the lists and GAAAAAH. BLIND ANGER.

::Deep breaths::


I could be focused on that and how standardized tests are one of the many ways the poor are kept poor, but instead let me tell you about the joy that is Mila. Oh, Mila. She must have known that I was pointlessly angry because she brought her "A" game to the kitchen table and was all I CAN BE MADDER THAN YOU JUST WATCH.

The kid is currently obsessed with LEGOs. It's a good sort of obsessed, other than the fact that I have stepped on LEGOs every night this week. She's building all sorts of things. The past 24 hours have been Robot o'Clock, which AWESOME. Let's build robots. Except, Mila wants to build the robot that she built yesterday, not the one she built today, and that's not where the blue block goes, that's its legs, why is the arm over here because that's not right and BLINDING RAGE. She wanted to build the EXACT robot that she built yesterday but nobody, including her, could remember the details of said robot.

Mila didn't know the details, but she was really very willing to scream and cry because THAT isn't right. Or that. OR that. OMG, WHY ARE YOU SO DUMB, MOM?

I wonder that all of the time. Obviously, I should have just worked a fourth job to bribe a college official. That would have made everything better!