You've Got a Little Something Right ... Never Mind.




The Beginning of the Beginning of the End

There is going to come a day when Alexis calls me to complain. She's going to complain about how having kids sucks up all of her free time and can you believe those other parents at that thing and how did she end up with a kid who loves THAT and it's going to go on and on.

I will listen.

And I will smile. Then laugh.

And I will send her this post.

Because this, THIS marks the beginning of the crazy.

Alexis has been dancing her entire life. She's had her ups and downs, but at the end of the day, she loves it. She has been asking for a very long time to love it more by joining a competitive dance team. I mostly ignored her because she's little (yet big) and she has plenty of time for taking things seriously. Then she was invited to audition for the competitive team at the place where she goes for dance class and blah, blah, blah.

She beat me into submission.

I let her audition, but I made it VERY clear that she shouldn't get too upset if she didn't make it. It was more of a practice run for when she was a little bit older and a little bit more ready for taking dance very seriously.

All of the discussions about not making it were needed, by the way. This wasn't the sort of audition that everyone gets. It's not actually a cover for "we would like to take more of your money, please." Of the 21 girls who were at the audition, it looks there are quite a few who didn't make the cut.

Alexis is the youngest girl who made the team.

So she's really super excited about that. I'm WAY happy for her because it's fantastic that she set a goal and then worked her butt off to achieve it.  It's all good stuff.

But we all know this is the beginning of the crazy. A more hectic schedule. A significant shift in the specialness of the dance moms. And ZOMG so much dancing and glitter and sparkles and tap tap tap tap tap tap spin tap.

Hold me.