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The Energizer Kitty

That thing I do where I try to teach my girls to not have the same hang-ups and short-comings I do is apparently going REALLY well because I officially have two kids who like large crowds of people. Alexis is happiest standing at the center of Times Square, surrounded by a wall of humanity. Mila takes things a step further and legit energized by big crowds. Like, she FEEDS off their energy.

Case in point, she went to the Steelers game on Thanksgiving day and didn't murder anyone. In theory it should be a terrible idea to take a 2-year old to a football game that doesn't start until her bedtime. In reality, though, she was totally fine. She was totally fine in her usual BOUNCE BOUNCE BOUNCE THIS IS AWESOME BOUNCE BOUNCE BOUNCE sort of way.

She knew she was cheering for the Steelers, by the way. There was a lot of "here we go" falling out of her mouth. What she didn't know was WHEN to cheer for the Steelers. Given that the crowd was about 60/40, when the Colts did something good, Mila cheered along with 60% of the fans. When the Steelers did something good, she jumped aboard the Pittsburgh train and cheered with the other 40%.

She'll learn. It's all good.

While I knew that she feeds off the energy of crowds, I didn't quite expect what came next. I thought jumping in the car at nearly midnight would lead to immediate sleep. I thought wrong. I thought arriving at our hotel room super late would lead to immediate sleep. I thought wrong.

You guys, this went on for well over half an hour.


A video posted by Burgh Baby (@burghbaby) on Nov 24, 2016 at 9:38pm PST


Mila only went to sleep, at OH MY FREAKING GOODNESS O'CLOCK, because I pinned her down with a mega cuddle and wouldn't let her move. She eventually grew bored and fell asleep. Eventually.

Remind me not to allow her around crowds after 8:00 pm ever again. Because oof.


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