Her "Avoid the Camera" Skills are AMAZING Lately



Christmas Crazy. More.

Oh, hi.


Perhaps you would like to know how that little project is going so far?

The short answer is that it is going pretty darn well. The longer answer is over there in the sidebar ----->

Did you see it? The Christmas Crazy button? With the total below it?

That's a pretty solid start, but we have a ways left to go if we want to make some serious magic for kids who are currently receiving services through Center for Victims. These are kids who have seen violence up close in ways that I'd rather not think about.

Let's do more. Lots more.

Here's the Amazon Wishlist.

Or you can click the reindeer and I will do the shopping. Either way, we're doing something that matters.

I think one of the people who works directly with the kids said it well, so I won't try to come up with the words. From an email she sent a few days ago: "I cannot express to you how much myself, the agency and our families appreciate everything you do for us especially for Christmas so from the bottom of our hearts THANK YOU!!"

She's talking to you guys.


A Nurse I Am Not

If there is anything that we have learned in the past 24 hours, it's that I would make a TERRIBLE nurse. The worst. Worse than the worst.

It's a really good thing the girls generally don't get sick. I mean, a REALLY good thing.

When Alexis went to bed on Monday, she wasn't feeling the greatest. She had a headache and her belly hurt and blah, blah, blah. There were some complainy words that I didn't hear because I AM A TERRIBLE NURSE. I figured she would forget all about it by the time she woke up. Well, THAT didn't work out the way I expected, so when she harassed me for the 3513423rd time at 5:00 am, I emailed my boss that I would be working from home. I grabbed my laptop and settled in for a whole bunch of productivity.

Alexis ended up not waking up until around 9:00 (which, !!!!!!! AMAZING!!!!!!), so by then I was thoroughly buried in a Word document. Mila was at daycare, the dogs were in the basement, and I was acting like I was home alone and not responsible for a thing in the world other than knocking out some work projects. Imagine my surprise when I realized Alexis expected me to take care of her.


It started with a request for some water. The she wanted some food. On my best days I'm confused as to why the small people think I will remember to feed them. Take away sleep and add in some major work-related focus, and I really didn't know what I was supposed to do.

I gave her a pack of crackers, some oatmeal, a tablet, and instructions to text me if she needed anything else.

Unfortunately, she followed those instructions. She texted and asked for other stuff and then she texted again just to say hi and then she texted some more. It was as if she thought she was a kid and I was an adult responsible for taking care of her.


The good news from the whole thing was that Alexis seemed to be completely fine this morning and thus returned to school. Whether that was because she really was better or if it was because she had figured out that being sick at home with me is basically the worst, I don't know.

I suspect that it was because being home with me is basically the worst.