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Man, I Love This Time of Year

Internet, this is Melinda.

She's the one on the left, in case you didn't already guess that.

I've known Melinda for a few years now. Maybe four? I'm bad at keeping track of time, but I'm good at keeping track of people who do fantastic things.

Every year Melinda pulls together a rather impressive donation for Christmas Crazy. Every year I think she's the bomb-diggity. This year, however, she took things a bit further. This year Melinda managed to organize a bunch of donations from her moms group.

When I say "a bunch," I mean this many.

(photo via @jdjules)


It's just shy of $2000 worth of toys.

Which means I had to bump the total over in the sidebar by a bit. You should go look at it because you guys have done a pretty darn amazing thing.

The total is going to jump again. If you want to help it, there is still a bit of time. Stop by Anchor & Anvil with a toy (pick me up a vanilla latte while you're there, please), or drop a few pennies in the PayPal bucket by clicking the happy reindeer in the sidebar.

Either way, there are a whole lot of kids who are going to have a merrier Christmas thanks to Melinda and all of the rest of you who make this thing work every year.



Because I Like Things That Make This One Look Small