Just Another Day At The Pool





Like a Trained Monkey

I seem to have discovered the key that unlocks the door to Mila sleeping better. It's not the shape of key I would have liked, but it seems that if we deprive Mila of very-much-so-needed naps during the evening, she does better at bedtime.

By "better," I mean she goes to sleep around 10:00. That passes as an "improvement." If we ever get that moved back to 9:00 I'm going to throw confetti and buy everyone a pony. Go ahead and reserve your favorite color of pony now, just in case it actually happens.

Of note, the only way to "deprive" Mila of that nap is to take her to a playground and let her run in circles and slide and climb and run in circles some more. She forgets that's she's tired and piles on a second layer of exhausted in the process. As luck would have it, Alexis has cheer practice basically every day ever, so there's always a playground conveniently close by.

Over the weekend, Mila was drug to a cheer thing where she had a chance to wear herself out. Then we went to the zoo where she wore herself out some more. Then there was even more wearing out of the Tiny Human. Girlfriend was so tired her eyes were crossing as she stumbled around.

It was beautiful.

She went to bed without a battle at a nice early hour and then she stayed in her crib all. night. long.

You guys, that's the first time she slept through the night in a looooong while.

So you would think that I was over-the-moon happy and well-rested and generally ecstatic. Buuuut, NOPE! NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE FOR I AM A TRAINED MONKEY.

I totally did that thing. I did that thing parents do where they wake up in a panic because the baby hasn't woken them up in a few hours. The panic came complete with a run down the hall and a long stare at the sleeping baby because IS SHE BREATHING? IS SHE OKAY? IS EVERYTHING AS IT SHOULD BE?

Ain't no logic like sleep-deprived logic so it got better. Not only did I panic check on Mila, I then stayed awake for over three hours because SURELY she was about to wake up. Any second. Will it be this second? No? What about this one? There's no sense in going to sleep because she's just going to wake up. Now?

I stayed awake for no reason whatsoever for three hours. LIKE A BOSS.

Or like a trained monkey who doesn't remember how to sleep, even when everyone gives her permission to do exactly that.