Important Things

I am nothing if not predictable, which is hilarious because I don't try to be. It's just pure dumb coincidence that I took the girls to the Cleveland Zoo nearly exactly a year after I last did. I guess we need to make it an annual spring break event or something.


Mila votes yes to that idea. Mila votes yes to all ideas that involve spending time at a zoo.


Especially if I let her crawl around on some animal statues. For some reason, she thinks that is the ultimate reward.


Yeah, I don't get why it's so fun either. But apparently it is.

Also qualifying as an award is handing my camera over to the other kid. Somewhere along the line, she has decided that spending hours figuring out how to shoot in manual mode is the best.


She's not entirely wrong. But, there is one thing the kid still has to learn. She is one of those people who gets so busy taking photos that she forgets to be in the moment. It's easy to do, of course, but when you're so busy taking photos of a flower that you don't notice that your sister is basically kissing a giraffe? You might need to pay a bit more attention to the world.


She'll learn. I'll make sure of it.


It Starts So Early


I knew Mila would love Easter. She loved it last year and this year she's even more of a tiny human who appreciates the fun things in life. Finding eggs, digging through Easter baskets ... it's all fun. Alexis had her little sister more than primed for the events, so Mila woke up ready to run on Sunday.

After darting around the house to find the eggs that were hidden outside, Mila was ready to escape to the great outdoors. Our Easter Bunny "hides" lots and lots of eggs, both in the house and in the yard. They're really well hidden, like they're sitting in plain view in the middle of the lawn. In a perfect world, they would be legitimately hidden, but my children completely lack the ability to find their own noses on their own faces. If the eggs were for real hidden, we'd be finding them for months. Which, we do. No matter how obvious the eggs are, somehow the girls miss a bunch of them.

But Mila did manage to find quite a few.


When the girls collect eggs, they throw all of them in one big bag. It doesn't really matter who finds what because I'm going to steal all of the good things anyway. Alexis understands and accepts this reality. She also doesn't care because she isn't a big candy person.

Mila, though.

Mila found herself sitting on top of the coffee table with the giant bag of eggs. She went from happily looking at the plastic eggs to opening all of the eggs to eating all of the candy in about 1.00002 seconds. When I intervened in that madness, a super, duper tantrum erupted.

You guys, I can't with the tantrums. They are the funniest damn thing that ever existed. Little people throwing all of their might into a flurry of anger is hilarious. IT IS. Highlights of the tantrum included Mila telling me to "shoo" and saying "I don't like you." She has no idea what she's saying, so it's funny. Of course, it makes her madder when I laugh at her anger, which makes her madder and before you know it, I'm rolling on the floor laughing.


Eventually Mila chilled out and started to think through a plan. She went from busting into all of the eggs to "cleaning" the eggs. "This is Alexis' egg," she said as she set a purple egg aside. "This one might be mine," she said as she set the next one to the other side. "Oh, this one is mine!" she said to the next one.

On and on she went, sorting the eggs. Alexis got one to Mila's every two, which sounds about right, except for the fact that she's two and doesn't need any candy, let alone a giant pile of it. When she was done sorting, she ran to the pantry to grab a couple of bags and then promptly wrapped up the collections.

And then took her eggs to her room. And tried to hide them in her closet.

I mean, she's two, so it was the worst hiding job you've ever seen. That's not the point, though. If she's starting this "hiding what she did wrong" thing now, how good is she going to be at it by the time she's a teenager?

We definitely have a problem, Houston.


Some Day She's Going to Wonder Why I Only Have Photos with Her Tongue Out