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Despite the fact that the place has a LOT of opportunity for improvement, I gave in and bought season passes for Kennywood again this year. In case you missed the 135891375 times I mentioned it, season passes are half price for Black Friday and it's REAL hard to ignore that. If we go twice we'll have won on the deal, but with season passes it becomes easy to stop by for a few hours here and there, so we'll go a lot.

I'm going to end up annoyed every time we go. I can already tell. There have been no improvements when it comes to employee training and having things open and such. I mean, I waited 25 minutes for an order of fries at a stand where there were ELEVEN employees, but only one register open. There were five people gathered around that register, all trying to work together to figure out how to ring up that order for fries. It's early in the season, though. Hopefully things improve fast.

ANYWAY. I should back up. I knew we wouldn't be able to make the first weekend the place was open. It was open for a season passholders only weekend, but that happened to be the weekend of all of the things. That meant I planned to make our first trip this past weekend, the first general public weekend. But then Friday night Mila started getting a fever. She didn't have any other symptoms, just a fever, but still. When morning rolled around and she was still not at 100%, I decided to call it. We would stay home and save our first Kennywood day of the season for another week. I hadn't mentioned to any small children that we were going, so there was no opportunity for disappointment.


Mila was happily hanging out with her sister when a radio commercial came on. It announced that Kennywood was open and OMG I HAVE NEVER SEEN MILA MOVE SO FAST. She darted down the hall and breathlessly shouted, "MOM, KENNYWOOD IS OPEN! CAN WE GO?"

She was so excited. I couldn't say no.

So we went, although just for a little bit.

Do you want to guess how thrilled Mila was when I made her leave?


It's a good thing we have season passes so we can go back again and again.


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