This Is a Thing That Keeps Happening


Third Grade Was a Good One

I wouldn't be a proper mommy blogger if I didn't post this.

First day of third grade.


Last day of third grade.

Which, you guys, this means I OFFICIALLY HAVE A FOURTH GRADER OMG.

How did THAT happen? Remember when the "baby" in this blog's name referred to that now giant kid? OYE.

Alexis has reached the age where most of what happens with her happens without being documented in this space. That means I haven't written about the school year in any sort of way which was specific to her, really. Just little things.

The really good news is that even if I had written about school and what she did day in and day out, there wouldn't have been much to say. It was a good year. It was a year with very few bits of drama or conflicts. It was a year where she made a lot of new friends but also kept the old ones. It was a year with good teachers and great academics. It was a year of normal.

The best kind of normal.

Here's to hoping fourth grade (GULP) will bring us more of the same.


Sometimes Jungle Gyms Need to Be #SavedBySkimmies

What's fair is fair, so I granted Alexis' wish to play at the playground after an impromptu photo shoot with both of the girls. The second I said "yes," Alexis ran for the open field and began to do cartwheels and back handsprings.

Mila isn't quite as good at self-entertaining. There wasn't a swing near enough for me to push the Tiny Human while monitoring the Big Kid, so I decided to set the little one in the grass for a moment while I tried to figure out an alternate plan for entertaining her. It took Miss Mila less than a second to determine that the best plan was for her to go up. I morphed into a jungle gym as she grabbed my leg and pulled herself to a stand. Then she ducked her little head under my skirt so she could get a better grip on my leg. And then. THEN.

Then she did a little number that could best be referred to as jazz hands.

Dear Sir who saw far more than he wanted to see -- I'm sorry. At least my underwear were clean, though! We've got that much going for us all!


The best part of the whole little fiasco was that Mila thought it was HILARIOUS. From that day forward, she has sought out opportunities to be the wind beneath my skirt. Whether I'm wearing a long maxi dress or a knee-length skirt, she is there to lift it up and out and do what she can to flip it over my head.

So that's fun.

The best thing that has come of The Skirt Situation is that I have discovered Jockey® Skimmies® Slipshort. They're essentially a super lightweight slipshort that covers up all of the things that Mila keeps trying to show off. They also help keep skirts flowy while minimizing the joy that is underwear lines. They're basically little shorts that can't be detected unless Mila decides to show them to the world.

Which she does.


They're a super thin layer of protection, not a tight spandex-type thing. Which is good, by the way. If I ever want to squeeze a few pounds away through the use of undergarments, I'll go a different direction. These are more comfortable. No deception, no super warm layers, strictly coverage. They're just right, really.

It's a good thing I've been Saved by Skimmies because I'm relatively certain Mila isn't going to stop using me as a jungle gym any time soon. How would you like to be #SavedbySkimmies? Answer in the comments for a chance to win a $100 gift card.

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