Lucky Seven

Somewhere between the hustle of Christmas and the bustle of New Years, this little creature turned seven months old.

She's the magical little smile machine that has always been here, but yet was super late to the party.

Funny thing, that late thing. I have a feeling that over and over again, she's going to prove that it's fashionable to be late to the party. She's going to strut into rooms with a grin on her face and a glimmer in her eye, never apologizing. She's going to be that woman who can make everyone think it's their fault they were waiting for her.

Which we were.

We were waiting for her infectious smile that spreads all the way to the corners of her eyes. We were waiting for her crazy determination and the way she can destroy ALL OF THE THINGS in her path. We were waiting for her laugh, for the way she gently places her head on her favorite people's shoulders, and for the way that she refuses to let go of your finger once she clenches it in her fist.

She is assertive, strong, independent, bossy, and focused.

This week's project has been trying to figure out the crawling thing. It's a fun little game that Mila has mastered, but then forgot. She knows she can go forward, she has done it, yet she can't remember what she had to do to get it all started. Place her on the floor and she will try EVERYTHING in an effort to recreate her moments of forward momentum, but nothing seems to be working. She ends up crumpled into a pile of tears and fury until someone saves her from herself.

She says "lalalalala" and "bababababa" and "dadadadada" but she doesn't need to add any other sounds to her vocabulary because YOU GUYS SHE CAN SCREAM. Mila is inventing her own language and it is made up of staccato screeches every. ten. seconds. The shrill sound crescendos over and over and

you guys





But I know she will stop once she finds some other sound that is equally entertaining.

(I hope.)

(She will, right? Because ear plugs aren't cutting it.)

(So much screaming.)

Right now, in her 7th month, she's a TERRIBLE sleeper. She's worse than her big sister, even, but she wants to do better. She is going to stop waking up every two hours at night sooner or later. She's not broken, just a little off kilter because of multiple ear infections and the way she doesn't trust anyone who tries to hand her a bottle.

She thinks daycare is stupid.

She knows her sister is the best (I'm pretty sure "lalalalala" is "Alexis" in Mila-speak).

We all know she's exactly where she belongs.


2014 Was a Blur

I know most everyone is knee deep in 2015, but I'm still sitting around wondering how 2014 can really be over.

It seems like it was just last week that we were celebrating Alexis' 8th birthday.


I know we were just walking through Mellon Park in the snow. It couldn't have been eleven months ago.

It wasn't last March that we stuck a tiny little hat on the cat and declared her Irish. It was last week, right?

And baseball definitely just happened. It wasn't all the way back in April.

According to my archives, Alexis' dance recital was back in May. Which, NO WAY. It was much more recently than that.

All of those things came before that one little thing that changed everything.

I don't care what anybody says - June never happened this year.

July, on the other hand ... July was unforgettable. July was when Anthrocon came to town and Alexis got to meet the furries for the first time.

It was amazing.

July was amazing for a lot of reasons.

In August, everything was even better.

All of the fun of August JUST HAPPENED LAST WEEK, but still, it was fantastic.


September (otherwise known as YESTERDAY) was the turning point For two sisters. They fell for each other right about then and have been best friends since.

October JUST HAPPENED and it was full of Elvis and monsters and all sorts of fun.


But, you know, November was pretty great as well. Even if it was just YESTERDAY.


 And then there was December. When I say that it happened last week, I'm almost right.

Here's to hoping 2015 is just as fun, but maybe goes by just a little bit more slowly.