It's Great to be a Burgh Baby, Vol 3

It's great to be a Burgh baby because this guy is the Mayor:

(psst . . . he's the one wearing a tie)

Now, I have no idea whether he's doing a good job or not. I lean towards thinking he doesn't do much of anything meaningful, but that's not the point. The point is that it's great that Alexis has a Mayor who still plays dress-up.

It's great that he will go bike-riding with her.

He might even take her trick-or-treating with him.

(again, he's the one with the tie)

But most of all, it's great to have a Mayor that makes cracking jokes like this so easy.


Where's Dora?

Dora is at the pet store, all ready to keep your hermit crab company in his new home.

While Dora might be at the pet store, the gods of turtle acquisition are still on my side. There is yet to be a turtle sighting at Petco.


It Must be Love

Earlier today Alexis and I were sitting on the couch together reading. She paused to take off her shoes, then proceeded to poke at the bottoms of her feet and between her toes. Out came the toe jam. And in her mouth went the fingers. She scooped a few more spoonfuls of toe jam into her own mouth, then realized that she was being selfish. So then she started trying to feed me her toe jam. Obviously, she must love me very much if she's willing to share the goodies she finds on her feet. And I love her back, just not quite enough to actually take a bite of what she was offering.