Why Sleep When You Can Build Gift Baskets?

There is a baby shower at my office tomorrow and since I hate myself, I opted to forgo the office gift pool and assemble a basket. And because I enjoy torturing myself, I couldn't do things the easy way, no I had to roll a zillion diapers and stack them so that the "basket" looks like a cake then "decorate" it with other must-have baby items. Two hours later, it looks really cute. But you know that I don't know how I found two hours to partake in such a project.

Anyway, as I was perusing the tiny baby section at the store gathering the necessary items for the two-hours I can never have back gift, I kept thinking to myself "Wow, Alexis was never that little!" Seriously, newborn diapers are TINY. You're probably thinking to yourself, "Oh, she was that little. Time does fly, doesn't it?" If you are, you are wrong. While time does fly, she really wasn't ever that little. I had to remind myself of that over and over as I picked items up, then put them back thinking they were too small. For I know that the woman who is expecting is expecting a normal-sized child. I, however, had a 9 pound 12 ounce child. She never wore newborn diapers. She never wore newborn clothes. She only wore 0-3 month items for about three weeks. Honest-to-goodness. Now that I think about it, I probably didn't need to buy a single thing for the gift basket. I probably could have just dug in Alexis' room for the huge collection of items that she never wore because she was too big. But that would have made the two-hour project a three-hour project, right?

Since I'm in a flashback sort of mood, here is a picture of the never quite that little baby from exactly one year ago today.

(Note: WOW has her birthmark faded!)

(And another note: Sleepy Baby morphed into regular ol' Alexis today. She was 100% back to her normal self. No cranky teething fits, no weird naps, no puking, just pure Alexis.)


Yet More Randomness

1. Pukey Head morphed into Sleepy Head today. Sleepy Head demanded that I make myself useful and make like a pillow. Of the five naps that she took today, four were spent curled up into my nap. While the house looks like I got nothing done today, I can't say that I'm complaining. There's much worse ways to spend your day than hanging out in the couch with a sleeping one-year old in your lap. Clearly Sleepy Head is feeling much better as of late. She ate a million Doritos at dinner (and kept them down) then proceeded to get in trouble for playing Ring Around the Rosie while standing on the couch. There is to be no "ashes, ashes" while standing on top of furniture.

2. The Steelers Marketing department obviously got to the announcers at last night's game. There is no other explanation for them to be all "The kids really love Steely" unless they were paid off. There's two problems with their repeated praise of the The Terrible Idea. One--I have yet to meet a kid that LIKES a six-foot freaky looking mascot. Two--Steelers games are no place for kids. I'm not old enough to see some of the things that go on there. If anybody is taking their kids, I think it qualifies as child abuse.

3. Desperate for a pacifier? Probably.


Randomness (Again)

1. I don't know what everyone was freaking out about yesterday. I picked Alexis up at 4:30 and she was totally fine the entire evening. No whining, no cranking, no Tylenol, just her usual self.

2. We went to the Pittsburgh Children's Museum today. I can now say the Indy Children's Museum sucks. I downgrade it to a C.

3. After the Musuem, Alexis achieved greatness by throwing up all over herself and her car seat. Mmmm . . . my car now smells like grape Yogos. After dinner, she tried to shoot her dinner at me, but missed. Mmmm . . . chewed up grapes. The best one, though, was after I cleaned her up from dinner and was putting a new pair of pajamas on her. She didn't miss that time.

UPDATE: Daddy made popcorn. Alexis saw the popcorn. Alexis installed an extra stomach in her little body specifically for the purpose of holding popcorn. I'm really hoping that extra stomach isn't feeling as cranky as her other one because I'm really, really tired of cleaning puke off of Alexis and me.

ANOTHER UPDATE: The popcorn stomach wasn't happy either. Poor kid :-(