Um, Yeah

Ever Googled the words "all about Alexis?" Now that I have, I feel the need to immediately change the name of the site. And to change our kid's name. So, uh, yeah.


A Random Conversation

Alexis: "Baba"

Daddy (handing nearby sippy cup to Alexis): "What's in this cup?"

Mommy: "I don't know. I put it over there so it could get washed."

Daddy: "Is there milk in it?"

Mommy: "If so it's from yesterday. That cup was on the table. I seriously put it over there so it could get washed."

Alexis spits soured milk all over counter.

Mommy and Daddy (in unison): "It was milk."

The morale of the story, check the contents of sippy cups before handing them to babies. Oops!


Did You Say Something?

I have made two critical errors today:

1. I noticed that the last of the gum-mangling, misery-making, sharp as knives teeth had busted through in Alexis' mouth. And I thought to myself, "Those two were easy."

2. When Alexis' screamed at Daddy through her entire bath, I thought, "And so goes the continuation of her turning on Daddy."

My reward for these two misguided thoughts? I get to be deaf in one ear! Yay! All I can hear is this lovely ringing sound in my left ear. I learned that there is a fire truck siren installed in all one-year olds. Ours must be defective or something because it went off for 30 minutes solid while positioned right up against my left ear. 30 minutes is a long time to wait for Tylonel, teething tablets, and Orajel to kick in. Forget the common cold, someone has got to cure babies of teething.

If you'll excuse me, I need to go find Alexis' owner's manual and look up how to uninstall the fire truck siren.