What the &*%#?

It snowed on Easter. It rained on Christmas. There's something not quite right about that.


Not Fair

For the record, it's not fair that Daddy now has two names. He's "Dada" and he's "Daddy." I'm just "Mama." I demand that a "Mommy" come out of Alexis' mouth by the end of the week or I'm not sharing my olives with her any more.


It's Hard to be Home

Alexis is currently going through her first post-vacation reality check. Last night I let her stay up until 9:00 so that we could ease her back into her regular schedule. Tonight, it's back to 8:00. Let's just say she's not too pleased with me right now. She'll be even less impressed with my parenting skills in the morning when she hasn't gotten enough sleep. 6:00 is going to roll around entirely too fast for her, I'm sure.

Our Easter was spent eating out, shopping at Wal-Mart (it was the only place open and apparently it was a secret because the place was empty; I have never enjoyed shopping there until today), and cleaning the house. Exciting, I know. We would have been a bit more adventurous, but it was 35 degrees outside today. If it doesn't start acting like spring outside soon, we're moving to Florida. Snow on Easter is simply not acceptable.

For your viewing pleasure, here are more photos from our Disney vacation.