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That's One Shifty Rat

I long ago taught Alexis a really neat trick when I taught her that she had to pick Just One when we are out shopping. So, whether it's new clothes, toys, or whatever, she will willingly select just one item to take home. It's generally very handy, except for maybe when the Gap Outlet has a ton of stuff on clearance and I have a coupon. Then it would be really super handy if the kid would stop with the, "No, I want the blue one," and pick our five or six dresses while I can get them for under $10 each. Cause, you know, I GOT THE MEMO--she wants the blue one, but what about the red one? HUH?


So, it was really easy for Mr. Husband to convince Alexis to only choose one Halloween costume from The Disney Store way back in September. She carefully perused all her options and narrowed it down to the red Minnie Mouse costume and the pink Minnie Mouse costume. Mr. Husband invoked the Law of Just One, she picked the red one, and all was wonderful and dandy. (I am conveniently ignoring the part where I also bought her a costume and how she wore MY lovely $15 Snow White dress for Halloween and not the *ahem*not$15*ahem* one Mr. Husband bought. Conveniently ignoring. Yeah.)

The only thing was that Alexis did not forget about that pink Minnie Mouse costume. I mean, you have the brain power necessary to hold onto information like that when you're biggest responsibility is to make your parents crazy, so OF COURSE she remembered it. Every time we have gone to The Disney Store in the past two months, Alexis has run around looking for that silly dress. Which I wouldn't have bought her even if they had it. Not a chance. Cause I already bought her a Cinderella costume for Christmas and she doesn't need any more costumes. Period. NOT HAPPENING.

Fortunately, it wasn't an issue because The Disney Store loves me and sold out of them long before Halloween. Three cheers for the Rich Rat!

Today we needed to run into The Disney Store to get a few ornaments before they were totally sold out (I don't have enough Christmas ornaments, you know). As usual, Alexis said she was going to buy the pink Minnie Dress. Thinking I was waaaaay in the clear on that one, I told her, "Yeah, whatever."

DAMN YOU, MICKEY, for putting out more of that stupid pink Minnie Mouse dress! And DOUBLE DAMN YOU for only having them in 18 months!

While Mr. Husband was being all stealth and buying the kid a t-shirt to toss under Christmas Tree number 1 of 6, Alexis and I were battling over that costume. She picked it up and was all, "Let's go pay for Minnie dress" and I was all "Uh, that won't fit you." She was all, "Yes, it will." and I was all, "Dude, that would almost fit Baby Shell it's so small."

OMG! Stupid! Me!

Alexis was MORE than happy to accept the dress as a gift for her doll Baby Shell. Who wouldn't fit it. While I have bought her kind of creepy doll real baby clothes and had them fit, they were of the newborn or 0-3 months variety. 18 months isn't going to cut it.

I somehow managed to perform a little magic while Alexis was picking out an ornament for her tree and made the pink Minnie Mouse costume vanish into thin air, but I doubt that will be the end of it.

Yet, I'm still not buying it. No way. Just because I know there are some 4T ones on eBay does NOT mean I was going to buy it.


Not a chance.

(Seriously, I'm not buying it, not for Alexis nor for Baby Shell.)


Playoff Bound

I'm not entirely sure how I came to be invited to participate in the Pittsburgh Celebrity Bloggers Fantasy Football League, but I suppose it was because The Commissioner was looking for a guaranteed bye week. I am sure I built some confidence in his little master plan when I picked a wide receiver in the first round. I probably game him even more confidence when I picked up a slew of rookies. I'm sure he enjoyed every second the week I faced him head-to-head and he steamrolled me, but it doesn't matter.

I am in the playoffs, baby.

So tomorrow? How about a collective cheer for Jake Delhomme, Reggie Wayne, Eddie Royal, Tim Hightower, Matt Forte, Tony Gonzalez, Terrell Owens, Stephen Gostkowsi, and the Chicago defense? I don't care if every one of their teams lose, I just need some stellar performances from those peeps.

BTW, I'm totally aware that my team sucks. They suck so hard they're in the playoffs, yo.



A Little Peak at the Fun that Christmas Crazy Can Be

Yesterday I came across a CNN iReport Post about a house in Pittsburgh that has 210,000 Christmas lights. Yeah, it's not our house, but I kind of wish it were because the electrical upgrade required to power that many lights? Totally a dream come true for me (our box is maxed out, meaning I couldn't add another outlet if I wanted to). The video from the house is pretty freakin' cool, so I shared a link on twitter.

And was promptly met by Scrooges.

There were the "Imagine the electric bill" tweets.

There were the "I would hate to live next door to that" tweets.

There were the "That's way too much work" tweets.

There were the "That is going to give me a seizure" tweets.

There were the "There has to be something wrong with those people to waste that kind of time" tweets.

It bummed me out. Seriously, after watching the video? I was grinning from ear-to-ear. Sure, there is a lot of work involved in getting that many lights strung, but it's so totally worth it. One of my favorite things to do in the depths of December is to stand in our kitchen and watch people drive by our lights. We will end up with less than half the lights of that house (stupid builder and their stupid electrical box and stupid wiring GRRRR), yet people will stop outside and just smile. And smile. And smile. Especially kids. Kids will stand and shout, "Look! It's a snowman!" or "Look! It's Santa!" as they point to various lawn thingy-a-majiggers. I'm not a big fan of light sculptures, but I do have a few, and they always brighten kids' days.

Never one to be deterred by SCROOGES, I picked up Alexis from daycare today and immediately asked if she wanted to go see some Christmas lights. She is her mother's daughter, so of course she said yes. We high-tailed our way over to Whitehall to see THAT house.

In person? It's incredible. The synchronization of the lights to the music kicks ass. It is, of course, more subdued in person since video tends to exaggerate lights. I smiled upon realizing that one of the neighbors is clearly in on the gig since the display extends well onto their property. Alexis and I sat in the car with our windows rolled down mesmerized by the lights and music for well over 30 minutes.

Then we heard it.

The whining.

Someone who had made the effort to drive to see the house was standing outside being a Scrooge. They went on and on about all the negatives to having a so many lights--the expense, the work, etc. It was a long laundry list of excuses adults use, and complaints adults think need aired.

Wanna know what Alexis said when she first saw the lights?

"Look, Momma! It's so pretty!"

I'm so glad I still have enough kid left in me to be able to just enjoy some of the funner aspects of the holiday season without getting bogged down by adult worries. There's plenty of time for that kind of stress after the holiday season.

Look! It's so pretty!

All the whiny commenters on the CNN site? You suck.