Party On, Gizmo

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And So It Begins

So. This happened.

Alexis' reaction to the discovery that she is a little bit nearsighted was to throw confetti in the air, do the Dance of Joy, and order a parade in her honor to be held on this day every year for the rest of her life.

I wasn't quite so enthusiastic.

Forget Coke bottles, I need magnifying glasses to see. I'm so very nearsighted I'm nearly farsighted, often leading to "You're kidding, right?" being my response when the eye doctor asks me to read the first line on the chart. It's fine now because now I'm not trying to run up and down a basketball court or diving into a pool or doing any of the other things that suddenly become oddly complicated when glasses are involved.

Of course, I can't function without glasses. What's that? You say you've never seen me wearing glasses? There's a reason for that my friends. Contacts are where it's at. I'd rather take a bath in Penny's rotten pumpkin breath than wear my glasses. Science has not yet discovered a way to make my prescription result in lenses that are anything less than ten-pound bricks. See also: running up and down a basketball court wearing them was a giant pain in the butt. Go ahead and picture the bright neon strap that was involved with making that possible back in the 80's.

Alexis, on the other hand, is very barely nearsighted. According to the great Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, she would be allowed to drive without her glasses. You know, except for that whole thing where she can't reach the brakes. She only needs the glass to read the blackboard at school.

So far.

It's a slippery slope, this vision thing. Here's to hoping she doesn't wind up as blind as her mother in a couple of years.


Elise and Lydia

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