Halloween Round-Up And Then Some

We emerged from ScareHouse laughing hysterically, just in time to run into Scott (one of the owners). I had abandoned Mr. Husband and Alexis for a few hours so I could get one last dose of Halloween Awesome, and it had most definitely lived up to expectations.

As I stood chatting with the small group of people I adore, we noticed them. Just outside of the ScareHouse exit, four girls sat on the curb. It was the same four girls we had seen in line and wondered about their age. They looked to be maybe 10, most definitely the youngest anywhere in sight. ScareHouse specifically warns that it might be too intense for anyone under the age of 13, so we all wondered if they really were that tough. They were with some adults, though, so whatever.

As they sat on the curb and we stood chatting, bits and pieces of their conversation with ScareHouse staff started to drift through the air. It took only minutes to learn that they were sobbing and crying and generally miserable after having taken one of the emergency escape routes out of the first of the three haunts. The parents they were with were still inside, having let the girls go outside by themselves while they finished their grand tour.

As the minutes passed, three of the four began to recover. The fourth girl, however, was STILL sobbing a good ten minutes after having walked out of ScareHouse. How much do you want to bet that she'll grow up to be THAT woman who refuses to do haunted houses? Traumatized for life, that one.


There's an article about Pittsburgh Mommyblogs over at Pop City which features a few of my most favoritest people. It mentions a little something about Christmas Crazy, which will be starting in force sometime this week. You've been warned.


I think it's illegal to post on Halloween without including some photos of a cute kid in costume and fun pumpkins. Consider me a law-abiding citizen.


(If you hadn't already figured out that I'm not quite right in the head, there you go. Exhibits 1-4 or so. You're welcome.)


Is Not Wanting To Be A Licensed Character A Sign Of Maturity? Or Just AWESOME?

Halloween 2006--The Screamapiller (Also the only costume I ever got to pick.)
Halloween 2007--Funshine Bear
Halloween 2008--Minnie Mouse

Halloween 2009--Violet

Halloween 2010--A Witch********************************************************

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