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A Great Day For Hockey

Dear Mario,

Hi, there! Thanks for always taking the time to stop by and read my silly little site. That's really very spectacular of you. Anyway, about that Winter Classic Alumni Game this morning...AMAZING! Seriously, it was great seeing you back on the ice again. But, hey, could you do me a little favor? Please go choke a bitch over that disaster that happened at the gate before the game. I know you were a little busy while it was all going on, but somebody had the bright idea to try to fit over 10,000 people through two doors.

It, uh, didn't work.

We were in line at Heinz Field a good half hour before the game was set to start and still missed half of the first period. LAME. LAME. LAME.

The tickets weren't crazy-expensive, but still. I kind of paid for us to be *inside* Heinz field when you first stepped back on the ice. I kind of wanted to see you score a goal. We missed both events. :-(

So, Mario, buddy, go rip some heads off for me, mmkay?


The Lady Whose Kid Was Nearly Crushed By The Angry Mob

More pics over here.


Pulling Out the White Flag

Every year I say I'm going to complete Project 365. I vow to take a photo every single day for 365 days. Every year I fail. The first year I made it to about 100 before I magically lost the ability to take a photograph before the stroke of midnight. Once I had broken the streak, I went on strike and didn't take any photos for a few weeks. Again and again, I have failed and failed.

Including this year. I think I managed to screw up in the first week this time.

Thanks to the incredibly talented Casey of Moosh in Indy, however, I realized several months ago that taking a photograph each day wasn't really what I should be trying to do. Rather, I should have been trying to take 365 photos that I love. The idea was that I should be shooting for quality, not quantity.

And I'm going to fail that, too. Well, probably. I mean, I do have a whole day left to manage to take another 90 photos that I love. It could happen. It won't happen, but it could. (It won't.) (Probably.)

No matter, though. A new year is just around the corner and my camera is ready to go. I'm going to get 365 photos I love in 2011, just you watch.

In the meantime, the complete set of photos I loved in 2010 is over on Flickr, and just for the fun of it, here are a few of the recent additions to the set.

And one of my top five favorite photos from the entire year . . .


Faceless No More

'Tis the season for clearance and savings, so all around the town I drag the kid. Into one store, around to the next, we dodge to and fro in search of holly jolly sales.

Once we had resolved the minor issues of wrapping paper and twinkly lights, we set out to find Random Christmas Crap. Anything cute that could be stashed on a shelf or table was fair game.

As we strolled into Pier One, I looked around for anything that resembled a penguin. I'm on a mission to add a few thousand cute penguins to our holiday mix. I found a couple that were just right when Alexis suddenly declared, "Can I have that?"

It was a snowman. A cute but odd snowman.

I was simultaneously intrigued because CUTE! and yet weirded out. The snowman doesn't have a face. Why doesn't he have a face? And how do I even know it's a he? Because he's a faceless weirdo, that's how.

"I don't think so," I told the short person who apparently finds faceless things appealing. We continued to shop around as I tried to find even more penguins.

Alexis helped me to search, but kept referring back to the faceless snowman. "Momma, I really like him," she would say. "He could go in my room!" she would promise. "But he's so cute!" she would insist.

At last I checked the price tag and decided the faceless creep did have potential as being the right size for our mantle. It's insanely hard to find anything that fits there and doesn't look stupid, so it was worth the small price to chance it.

As we stood in line waiting to pay for the faceless creep and my penguins, a hush suddenly overcame the store. The short person who hadn't stopped talking loudly the entire time we had been there was suddenly silent. With panicked eyes, I quickly scanned the store in search of Alexis. WHERE. WAS. SHE?

Oh. Right beside me. Heh.

Alexis was standing at the counter, glued closely to the faceless snowman. Her face contorted first into one goofy face, and then another, and then another. With a laugh, I realized she was looking at her own reflection bouncing from the snowman's body. She didn't just give him one face, she gave him dozens, each one goofier than the last.

She is Such. A. Dork.

And obviously mine.