How to Make a Scene at the Grocery Store

It turns out that when you decide to make an offer on a house (we are now under contract, btw), you should do it after payday, not two weeks before it (it's so awesome getting paid once per month). Not waiting until there is actually money in your checking account means you will have to suffer without the luxuries in life. Like food.

When I glanced at Cody yesterday and realized he looked kind of tasty, I decided we really just needed to cave in and make a run to the grocery store. Alexis lurves to shop for groceries these days, mostly because she likes to plot out our meals for the week. In her world we eat pasta, pasta, pizza, pasta, peanut butter and jelly, and pasta. Of course, I took her along so she could drive me nuts asking me to buy every kind of pasta under the sun.

The short person needed some things to take to school for lunch this week, so in between pasta battles we headed over to the canned vegetables section to grab a little something special. As we walked down the aisle, I asked the magical question, "Alexis, do you want Lima beans or garbanzo beans?"

"Both," she replied.

"You can only have one. Lima beans or garbanzo beans."

"Ummmm . . . Those ones," She replied, as she pointed to a can of garbanzo beans.

As I reached over to grab them, suddenly Alexis started whining. "No! I want Lima beans, too!" she wailed.

"You said you want garbanzo beans," I said. I don't know why. It's not like she cared about what she said two seconds earlier.

"I WANT LIMA BEANS!" she screamed, as tears ran down her face.

"No, you're not getting Lima beans," I countered.

Right about then I noticed the little old man who was listening in on the really fun conversation. The look on his face pointed out the obvious: that was a really odd conversation to have with a 3-year old.

She won and got both the Lima beans and garbanzo beans. Sometimes principal is just plain stupid, like when the alien being you call your kid makes a scene in the grocery store because she wants Lima beans.


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(above photos by Alexis)


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