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No! Freakin! Way!

Mark. the. calendar.

It's a September miracle.

If you haven't had the pleasure of actually meeting Alexis, you may not believe this, but the child is IMPOSSIBLE to photograph. No, really. Stop laughing. She REALLY is hard to photograph. The fact that I've posted a photo nearly every day for over two years has absolutely nothing to do with her ability to nicely look at a camera. It's a combination of luck, perseverance, and a heaping dose of help from my good buddy Mr. Canon.

There is a reason why most of my photos are candid shots; that's all I get. The exact second that Alexis notices that I have a camera in my hand, she absolutely positively always looks away. She doesn't hide her face or throw a fit that I'm taking a photo, she just finds something really interesting somewhere over there--where the camera is not. Every time. If she happens to be looking at the camera and smiling, it's because I tricked her.

I'm cool like that.

But tonight, tonight there was a miracle. I said the crazy words, "Alexis, can I take a pretty picture of your teeth?" AND! AND!

Sorry, I can't contain my excitement.

I asked to take a photo of her teeth and Alexis turned and ACTUALLY SMILED AT THE CAMERA!!!!!!

(Ridiculous number of exclamation point absolutely necessary.)

(I do have a witness to the "I Don't Do Photos" phenomenon. Gina mentioned it one time.)


She's a Rock Star Living in a Pop World

If I were to put together the soundtrack of our lives since Alexis was born, it would consist almost entirely of Signing Time songs. That's not necessary a bad thing since Signing Time is pretty much a kazillion times better than mind-numbingly painful kids music like Yo Gabba Gabba, but it's still a little sad to me. I would love to inject a bit more Modern Rock. If only most of my favorite bands had the IQs required to make it more than five words without cussing . . .

Anyway, occasionally Alexis will get hooked on some random pop song. I guess she's a pop girl living in a pop world, because we've had many phases of poppy goodness. There was a Nelly Furtado phase. There was a (thankfully) brief dip into the Britney insanity. There was a very long (perhaps still going) Justin Timberlake phase. And now we have entered the P!nk phase.

Yeah. So, that's the Na Na Na Na Song. Alexis has titled it as such, and the two of us spent over 40 minutes watching the video over and over and over on my laptop this evening. I'm thinking there are probably a few scenes she probably shouldn't see, and certainly the theme of starting a fight isn't exactly ideal for a 2-year old, but at least that song doesn't make ME want to start a fight like that damn Mickey Mouse Clubhouse song does.

Bring on the P!nk.


I Want My Grandma

My Grandma Norma fought a long battle against bone cancer and eventually passed away just before I started second grade. Since she passed so early in my life, I don't have a lot of memories of her, but I do remember black cherry Jell-O with Cool Whip, snowstorms so bad we had to hold on to a rope tied between the house and the barn when we needed to go feed the animals, and a very deep and life-changing discussion about boogers.

I was probably about 4 or 5-years old when she caught me digging for that golden treasure. She sat me down in the kitchen and told me how it wasn't very lady-like to pick your nose. Somehow our conversation meandered into booger-eating territory and she told me all about how that was just plain yucky. She even went so far as to demonstrate. I learned a valuable lesson that day and never again got caught picking my nose.

Now that I'm adult (sort of), I'm willing to argue that EVERYBODY has times when the only way to get the treasure out is to go digging, but I can absolutely agree with Grandma Norma that you shouldn't get caught with the pinky shovel up a nostril. There should be no picking while sitting at your desk. There should be no picking while shopping. There should be no picking while at the movie theater. There should be no picking while in the car, despite the feeling of invisibility inside all that metal and glass. You have to save the treasure hunting for a time and place when you are truly all alone.

This evening as we were driving back from our usual bike ride, I glanced over at Alexis and caught the sweet child knuckle deep digging for gremlins. I said, "Alexis, please don't pick your nose." She responded by yanking her finger out of her nostril and shoving it in her mouth. Then she cackled with glee.

I think I need Grandma Norma to come explain about boogers.