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Not P-P-P-P-Poker Face

There is no denying that Alexis has heard too much Lady Gaga lately. We're currently in a It's OK to Listen to the Radio but Only if it's Pop Music phase, which means we basically listen to Radio Gaga. I think she's the only one with any songs out. I guess you could count that Owl City song, but I don't because I swear every time a radio station plays Fireflies, somewhere an angel stabs a kitten.

Anyway, lots of Gaga in the car. I'm pretty much OK with it because there are many worse things out there. I mean, I could get all wound up about the whole Disco Stick thing, but I think I was the last person on Earth to realize what Summer of 69 was about and I probably heard that song about 1521346436 times growing up. If I'm not the last person to figure it out, you're welcome. Now you know. Yes, it's about THAT. And yet our parents let us sing it when we were kids . . .

So. Gaga. A lot.

But apparently not enough to actually get the lyrics right.

I confirmed with the kid. She says the song is called, "Butter face" or "But her face." Either way, there is something SO very appropriate about that.