Scrunchy Style


Stop and Smell the Barn

We pass by the barn two or three times per week. At least half the time, I ask Alexis if she wants to stop, get out of the car, and explore around the barn. She nearly always says "no."

This time, she said, "yes." I have no idea why, she just did.

So then I pushed my luck (no whammies!) and asked if I could take her picture while she explored around the barn. She said, "yes." Nothing short of a miracle.

I started with my usual trick. I asked Alexis to make the funniest face she could. I got this:

I showed Alexis the preview of the photo and she immediately cracked up. There isn't much funnier than looking at yourself looking like a dork, apparently. I whipped the camera around while she was still laughing and got this:

Miserable, isn't she? Then I showed her The Cute on the camera. She loved it.

And suddenly She Who Does NOT Pose For Photos decided it just might be fun to pose for photos. In ten minutes, I got a kajillion of my new favorite shots.

Now THAT was worth stopping for.


Can You Hear It?