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Real or Real Creepy No.2 Answers

Here are the answers to last night's questions:

43% of people got it WRONG. That creaptacular doll sold on eBay for over $500 about a month ago.

40% of y'all called that uber-cute (dare I say "too" cute) baby a freaky doll. Hang your heads in shame.

At least y'all got that one right. The creaptastic doll is for sale on eBay and bids start at $199. Shockingly enough, so far there have been no bids.


Real or Real Creepy No. 2

Put your thinking caps on and see if you can figure this out. Is the "thing" in the picture a real baby, or is it a really creepy doll? I'll post the answers tomorrow.

(If you're new around these parts, start here to learn how I developed a morbid fascination for dolls that look like they popped out of someone's va-jay-jay.)

This one should be obvious. Of course, it should also be obvious that crappy lighting and a crappy cell phone camera can come together to make anything look creepy.


Further Proof that My Kid is Awesome

If you have kids, you know this kind of thing just can't be staged. I was in the kitchen throwing together a complicated dinner consisting of frozen pizza when the Pens game finally came on the TV. Dude. The kid can name three Pens players. Actually, she can name four, but for some reason she didn't bother to mention "Cindy" (aka Sidney).

I'm keeping this kid.