Where Were You On 10/10/10 at 10:10:10?

We were building a cemetary. Of course.


Sometimes It Takes a Ladybug To Tell the Story

When a miniature rose plant gifted to me for Valentine's Day by Mr. Husband and Alexis became overran with aphids early in the summer, I decided something needed to be done. I started by trying a little dish soap and water spray, but the aphids persisted. I tried a more powerful mixture, but the aphids persisted. When I started spotting aphids all over the kitchen, it was time for more drastic measures. I moved the potted rose out to the patio, intending to spray it with some Very Serious Insecticide so I could clear up the problem and get the plant back inside before winter.

But, the insecticide was over there and that plant was over here and I was headed that way, so I kept not grabbing the spray bottle of insecticide that was just inside the garage. As the weeks went by, I realized that the aphids weren't getting any worse, so I figured I would wait and see what happened. You could say I procrastinated a bit. Maybe.

Then it turned out that procrastination was the exact right thing to do. The universe decided to balance the problem all by itself.

One tiny little ladybug made a home on the miniature rose bush. The little ladybug, named Lily by Alexis, has been slowly dining on the aphids, curing the rose bush of that which ails it.

I am often quick to admit that I am a Master Procrastinator, but that is only half of the story. Sometimes I wait to address an issue or project or problem or whatever for a reason.

Sometimes waiting is the right thing to do. Sometimes nothing is the right thing to do. Sometimes life just needs a little ladybug.


Attack of the Sippy Cups (And a $100 Visa Gift Card)

I have long suspected that shenanigans occur when I close our kitchen cabinets. Plates magically break, my collection of titanium sporks disappears (I'm not kidding, btw), and the sippy cups begin to breed. It's the sippy cups that worry me the most.

When we moved last year, I knew we were basically done with the need for eleventy bajillion sippy cups. I donated some, I threw others away, and I managed to keep no more than five of the silly things. I figured we should have a few for use in the car, but really, we didn't need them for in the house. At all. And THANK GOODNESS because sippy cups had been the bane of my existence for over two years at that point. I don't know that I ever found one that truly never leaked, but I went through about a million of them as I tried.

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