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Things Have a Way of Coming Back to Haunt You

Ever since Alexis got on the walking bandwagon, we've let her push shopping carts. It's been a win-win situation; she was getting to walk and yet she was staying with us. Earlier today the whole concept came back to bite me. I had to return some things to Home Depot and couldn't get Alexis to sit in the cart. So I was holding her. That is, until I needed to sign the receipt. I set her on the ground and told her to stay put. In one-year old talk, "stay put" means run away really fast. She grabbed a cart and started pushing it all through the store, knocking over all kinds of displays. Meanwhile, the clueless guy at the return counter continued to have a complete conversation with me and was holding my debit card ransom. She got about 20 feet before I abandoned my card and managed to catch her. She did a fantastic job redecorating the front of the store.

Here's some pictures that I find baffling. Pool toys are really, really, really fun indoors. But if you try to play with them at the pool, they are really, really, really scary.

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