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Could We Please Have Ten More

This weekend was absolutely perfect . . . sunny, 75 degrees, no plans on the schedule. The only way it could have gotten any better would be if Alexis hadn't been a crab all day. She woke up from her nap too early and spent the rest of the day miserably tired.

We spent the day buying a new vacuum (with three cats and two dogs, those things tend to die after a few years), getting groceries, and doing a lot of yard work. The pond is cleaner, the weeds are pulled, the dead has been cut away from all the plants, and Alexis learned why we don't let her play by the hillside. Let's just say that Jack and Jill went down the hill, but this time it was Daddy that went tumbling after. Alexis doesn't have a scratch on her, but Daddy looked like he rolled into a concrete block. Oh wait--he did roll into a concrete block. I'd feel sorry for him, but I warned him Alexis was headed for trouble. He chose to pick up dog stuff before stopping her.

Here's more pictures from Alexis' favorite place to be. She's turned the ball pit into more of a hamster ball and likes to roll it across the house. It doesn't make a mess or anything. The second picture is what happens when you climb into the House that Alexis built--she climbs on you and yells at you to get out.

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