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Happy Dad's Day, Y'all

Happy Father's Day to all you current and future dads, especially to this one with the shining face, can-do attitude, and adorable, bubbly little girl.

Aren't they just the happiest little pair you've ever seen? In case you couldn't tell, yes, they are related.

The princess of pep made Daddy an art project for Father's Day this year:

While it's cute, no hand-crafted Father's Day gift will ever be able to top this masterpiece from last year:

Good times, good times. Remember how Alexis looked after this little project?

It's a wonder we didn't go for round two and try to make another shirt this year. I can imagine that the fun would start right around the time she took off running and smearing paint all over every surface of the house, including the dogs. I wonder how Meg would look painted yellow?

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Oh, my goodness. That is too much Alexis adorableness in one shot. You need to put that in your header.

September 14, 2008 | Unregistered

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