A Tear for My Prince

Last night, as we were preparing to run to the park to ride bikes, Daddy noticed that Prince didn't seem like himself. Alexis was molesting him and he didn't run away. Daddy picked him up and he couldn't stand. His breathing and heartbeat seemed off. So he went to the emergency room. He was diagnosed with end stage kidney failure. He didn't come back home.

I'm going to miss my Prince. So will the dogs; he was the only cat they actually liked.


How Many Times Have I Heard That?

I took Alexis to the pediatrician today and once again heard the lovely words, "Wow, she's got a really big head!" I love hearing those words. Especially when they are accompanied by "Do big heads run in the family?" I want to respond by saying "Why, yes big heads do run in my husband's family. And it would be lovely if you would write that in her chart so I don't have to answer it again. It's not that I mind the question, it's that I struggle to stifle a giggle every single time." But I just say, "Yes."

Big Head's appointment today was extra delightful because it was with our favoritest doctor (seriously, we LOVE Dr. Bacdayan) and because she just kept the big head zingers coming. There was, "At this age, they're really prone to falling and accidents. You have to really watch them. And with that head, she's falling head-first." We also had, "So your husband has a big head? Because you definitely don't." And my personal favorite, "Please tell me you didn't have a vaginal birth." No, no I didn't. A kindly nurse figured out that she had a big head in time to initiate plan Quick Eject. Thank God.


Good Fun

You know what sounds like a whole lot of fun? A lice outbreak at a daycare center! Just imagine the fun and games that little discovery would lead to . . . there's the joy of having to bring in a nurse to check all the kids and teachers, the exciting need to wash every single blankie and cot, the fun chore of washing every stuffed animal and putting it into a plastic bag, the pleasure of calling the infected kids' parents to pick them up, and the overwhelming enjoyment found in writing a letter to all the other kids' parents.

Not to worry, our kid doesn't have enough hair to provide a comfortable hiding place for the little bugs. But I bet there are a whole lot of teachers that can't stop itching their heads tonight.