The Littlest Stalker

Lately I have been taking Alexis to various playgrounds, some indoors, some outdoors. Every single time I have, she has ended up with a stalker. Seriously. Earlier today, she and I ventured to the mall where she played in the little playground. It took no more than five minutes for a two-year old little boy to start following her around all over the place. He generally stayed about two feet away from her everywhere she went. Occassionally he would go pick up a book then hand it to her. Little Miss Manners would sign "thank you," put the book down, and walk away. Then he would follow, lurking as she went down the slide or climbed in the play airplane. If this is any indication of what we are in for in about 10-12 years, then we are going to need some pretty good locks on our doors because she is not leaving the house. ;-)

BTW, congrats goes out to Michael and Mandy! I think that means it's Ashley's turn next . . . I'm sure Jordan and Tyler would be happy. Alexis, on the other hand, is very content to be an only child so she'll be staying that way for a very long time.


Biker Babe

We have managed to pick up where we left off last year and have been riding bikes at least two nights per week. Alexis is adjusting nicely to her new position as Daddy's copilot. The only issue is that she doesn't like when he rides really fast. And by "doesn't like" I mean screams and cries as if someone is slowly ripping her toenails off. You might be thinking there is an easy answer to that: slow down. Yeah, that's what I think, too. But Daddy doesn't. He goes for the speed up faster to finish earlier method. Works wonderfully, let me tell you. I tried to save her from the torture, but her seat won't fit on my bike. So now I'm going to try to talk Daddy into bring the trailer back. It won't make her as happy as SexyBack, but it's certainly a start.


Dirt Don't Hurt

Alexis is SO totally over her hate for dirt. Now she and dirt are like best buds. They hang out, go do karaoke together, the whole bit. In our first piece of evidence, I present Alexis eating rocks. Because, you know, they taste good. Or something.

And then we have this . . . much potting soil and many plants were injured in the making of this face.

Alexis, you can now go back to being a girly girl that refuses to touch dirt. It was easier that way.

One last thing--congratulations Mel and Brian! You really must work on your flare for the dramatic, however. That email completely lacked any suspense or drama. Alexis can teach you how to add some into any communication, just give her a call.