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I Just Don't Understand

I'm very confused . . . we took Alexis to the pool this morning and she was not a fan. It took a long time to get her to even consider splashing and playing. She never reached a level that I would consider "enjoyment". Later, she played in one of the dancing fountains at Magic Kingdom. It was the kind of fountain where water jumps up in the air periodically. Chasing the water and getting hit with surprise bursts of water--considered very fun. She was laughing hysterically when she bent over and got nailed in the face. I just don't understand.


The Best Ride in Orlando

Today we went and watched cousin Kaylan march in the 12:00 parade at Magic Kingdom. If she hadn't started cracking up at the sight of Justin, we might never have spotted her. After that, we went over to Epcot. Alexis loved the Nemo ride and watching the fish in the huge aquariums. I enjoyed watching her yell at a little boy when he knocked her over in front of the aquarium.

For as much as she enjoyed the aquarium, I have to confess that Alexis' favorite Orlando ride is the one where you run all over the place in the condo and crawl into the cabinets. Our condo is a huge three bedroom place complete with a dining room, home office, and a kitchen that I would love to have in my house. There is tons of room for her to run all over and all of the cabinets are empty. That makes for the perfect ride.


Where There's a Will

There is always a way. This is the skeleton of Alexis' new site. Since I can't upload photos to the Verizon site, I thought I would throw them out here. Next week I'll make it my mission to get everything straightened out. Vacation is not the time for such drama.

Anyway, this first group of photos is from when we punished Alexis earlier by taking her to the beach. She looks much happier in the photos than she really was.

I have lots more photos and I will add them as time permits. Good night!