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Happy Mom's Day!

So another Mother's Day has come and gone . . . I hope everyone had a good one. I spent mine consoling a miserable one-year old. Alexis has never been fortunate enough to only get one or two teeth at a time, and it seems her streak is continuing. I knew that two had broken through last week, but it looks like their counterparts are trying to make an appearance as well. The fact that four teeth are ravaging the little one's mouth was deduced after a very sleepless night and a miserable morning.

First Alexis woke up at 1:30 and wanted no one but me. The way that she could assure that she had me was to refuse to sleep anywhere except my arms. I actually thought she was just cold since she was only wearing a t-shirt for pajamas. I was mistaken. That became clear after Alexis cried for nearly a solid hour later in the morning. It took a hit of Tylonel, teething tabs, and Orajel for her to feel like her old self. And I could tell you the exact moment the Tylonel wore off. That would have right around the time Alexis woke up from her nap in a brand new miserable state of being. Poor kid.

Jasmine tried to cover up Alexis' legs when I took a picture of her wearing just her t-shirt, but it didn't work for long.


Living up to Expectations

The Pirates, as expected, had their butts handed to them by the Braves tonight. And Alexis, as expected, was tough to keep entertained for the three hours it took for the Braves to finish off the Pirates. I took her to the playground inside PNC Park for over half an hour. She had a great time there playing on the slide, climbing the ladders, and chasing other kids. But then some random kid (probably about 3 years old) decided it would be fun to start shoving Alexis. There was no parent in sight to scold the little hooligan, so I had to scoop up Alexis and go back to our seats. From there it was basically Wrestlemania for the remainder of the game. Alexis is really good at cheering though. Sometimes she says "Yay" and claps for the wrong team, but her heart is in the right place.

Here's Alexis hanging out with our friends Mark and Estee.



Daddy found this little guy in our pond earlier this week. Alexis missed him since she was already asleep, so we're going to have to go hunting for him again soon. She's a big fan of frogs, so she'll be excited.

Tomorrow we're headed to a Suckos -er- I mean Buccos game. It should be interesting seeing how we keep a one-year old content for three or four hours, especially since it's an evening game and she'll want to be asleep. It's hard enough to keep myself entertained during a Pirates game. Too bad football season can't start in the spring.