Funny Girl

For as long as Alexis has been going to daycare, I have been hearing from them about how great of a sense of humor she has. When she was six months old, I didn't really know what they meant. But now I get it.

Our little Burgh Baby is a born comedian. She likes nothing better than to make people laugh. She will go to great lengths to get you chuckling. I get tickled, Daddy gets the Daddy song, strangers get kisses blown to them, and everybody gets funny little dances. And let's not forget how she sucks on lemons then makes faces purely so everyone will laugh at her. At minimum, we've got the class clown on our hands. So we could end up with a successful, wealthy, and famous comedian. Or we could get the kid that never moves out because everything is a joke. I'll keep you posted on which way it looks like things are going.

The sunglasses? Yeah, they're purely for yuks, too.


The Burgh Baby is Born

When I did the emergency blog title change, I knew that it was just a temporary name. After all, "It's her world. . ." isn't exactly the most creative of titles. I thought about it, and finally settled on the new name. This one is sticking, so you can officially call Alexis the Burgh Baby.

She is the Burgh Baby for a few simple reasons:
1. She was born in Pittsburgh (duh!).
2. She takes being born in Pittsburgh very seriously. Case in point, her mullet may not be as good as this guy's, but she's definately working on it.
3. She has seen enough Steelers games in her life to have mastered her Bill Cowher impression. Seriously--the chin juts out when she's mad. I'm kind of hoping Mike Tomlin might be able to break her of that little habit.
4. I have heard her say "n'at" more times than I can count. It sort of scares me, actually.


All the Rude People, Please Keep to the Right

We've been keeping up with our bike riding at the Montour Trail about three nights a week. Here's some random thoughts on the topic:

1. I have rescued Alexis from the horror of the front seat and helped her get back her trailer. She is now free to resume sleeping while we ride.

2. There was an inordinate number of rude people out tonight. So rude, in fact, that I feel the need to call some of them out.

You sir, the roller-blading, Golden Retriever-having, red leash-holding jerkface, if you are on one side of the path, and your dog is on the other side, and you have a long red leash running between you, please pull your dog to you when a person on a bike approaches. I'm not really looking for decaptitation to be my method of death. Oh, and the people that were behind you stuck because of your path-hogging ways, they're cheering "Amen, sista" right about now.

Mr. Grey shorts that were really, really, really tight, you have a gross butt. Now while I admire that you are riding bike, perhaps in hopes of shaping and toning that butt, I didn't appreciate the really tight shorts, and I definately didn't appreciate the way you made sure it was in my view for over fifteen minutes. If I speed up, please let me pass. If I slow down, don't slow down to wait for me. It's just not nice to make me look at that mess any longer than I have to.

Finally, you lady with the cartwheeling five year-old. You are right, it is very cute that your kid can do cartwheels. I'm so glad you commented about how cute it was. But, could you possibly ask her to do them somewhere where bikers and walkers and rollerbladers aren't trying to get through? Because really, in a bike vs. cartwheeling five year-old collision, my money is on the bike.

3. Does anyone know where I can find sunglasses with built-in windshield wipers? The bug splatter is making it a wee bit difficult to see sometimes. Thanks.