So Much Love, So Little Time

I have never gotten as many Alexis hugs as I've gotten today. Somebody flipped Alexis' control panel to shy mode, and she wants nothing to do with anyone except me and Daddy. If anyone enters her personal space, she runs for cover bringing with her all the love that we can handle. Since she's not screaming and crying, but more playing the shy game, it's kind of cute.

Butterscotch pudding (when contained) is also cute. In a going straight to the bathtub sort of way, that is.


Rachel is the Greatest of all Time

After the 6 1/2 hour drive from Pittsburgh to Indianapolis, I have to tell you that I really, really, really love Signing Time and Rachel.

Alexis owns a portable DVD player. She had forgotten that she owned one since she hadn't seen it since Christmas, but it made it's grand comeback just in time for the drive. Without that DVD player, I bet we would have had a hell of a time getting to Indy. With that DVD player, we were able to watch every episode of Signing Time that Alexis owns over and over and over and over. And Alexis was thrilled with that arrangement. I don't know if there are some sort of subliminal messages in those videos that brainwash little kids, but frankly I don't care. My eardrums are intact, no one was harmed in the making of the trip, and Alexis truly didn't mind being cooped up for so long.

Now if anybody knows where I can find something to brainwash the dogs into sitting still during the drive, please let me know. Otherwise, we might be finding out just how far I can throw a 50-pound bulldog.


She's Crazy

Let's see if you can spot the problem in this photo:

Your only hint is that Alexis really wanted something when she went to bed. I made that something accessible and she took care of the rest before she fell asleep. Any guesses?