I Know the Answer

Have you ever wondered how this sweet little face winds up such a mess? I can tell you the answer. It happens when those sweet little hands get tired of trying to work a spoon and Alexis resorts to another method of removing food from her plate.


And I Shall Call Them May and Jay

Alexis has renamed the dogs. Meg is now "May." That's not surprising since Alexis frequently drops the last letter off of words. But why Jasmine has been shortened to "Jay" I'm not quite sure. I would have thought it would be "Jas" since Alexis like to pronounce "s" so much. Whatever makes her happy, I guess.

Speaking of May and Jay, they are officially on my last nerve. Daddy had a work function tonight and won't be home until real late. Whenever he isn't home, the two little morons turn into guard dogs and bark at every little creak. The fact that they don't have the guts to actually do anything to whatever is making the noise has not escaped me. That might be why I'm ready to throw them outside and lock the door. Even Alexis can't sleep through the never-ending barking that is going on.



The weather today was beautiful and Alexis got to spend her afternoon outside playing in the yard. I hooked her up with a cheap plastic lawn mower and some garden tools and we set out for the front yard to plant some violas. Three neighbors stopped to say "hi", all of which she ignored. Funny how when we go to the mall or grocery store she waves, blows kisses, and says "hi" to everyone in sight, but in her own yard she clams up.

The highlight of the afternoon, in my opinion, was the moment when Alexis got over her fear of dirt and grass. She fell in the yard and got up all by herself. Before, she would have sat with her hands in the sissy girl position waiting for me to help her. Later, she actually stuck her hands in some dirt and mushed it around. She kept going back for more dirt to mush, so I think we may be over the "I must not touch anything which may tarnish my gorgeous little hands and nails" phase.

So how's this for a little like Father, like Daughter moment . . .

Comfy chair . . . check
Big screen TV . . . check
Remote in hand . . . check
Feet up on furniture they shouldn't be on . . . check